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Spanning the College World: More news you can't use but still love

We have another edition of interesting, enlightening, and intriguing stuff about college sports.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Football Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week
David Blough, Purdue, Fr., QB

Defensive Player of the Week
Anthony Brown, Purdue, Sr., CB

Special Teams Player of the Week
William Likely, Maryland, Jr., DB

Freshman of the Week
Jabrill Peppers, Michigan, S, East Orange, N.J./Paramus Catholic

  • Made contributions in all three phases of the game as Michigan defeated Minnesota
  • Recorded a 43-yard kickoff return and 41-yard punt return
  • Wins his second career weekly award

The End of Beamer Ball

When Frank Beamer announced his retirement at the end of this season, he became the 122nd D1 coach to leave this season.  But Beamer and VT did a lot for one particular network and show:  ESPN's College Game Day

What we know today as a Saturday morning gathering of college-age lunatics, really got its boost when the ESPN crew visited twice in the same season during its run with Michael Vick in the late 90's.  And the Virginia Tech folks would like the crew back for one last salute to Frank.

And I'm okay with that.

About those coaching vacancies

Where does Rutgers rank in terms of a coaching job?  Well, we don't know exactly, but at least according to one writer, it isn't among the five worst.

Aaargh, redux

I don't have an answer, but how often does Rolling Stone concern itself with college football.  Well, it did!

Sports Journalism....or sports economics?

I came late to find the website Grantland.  It was an effort by ESPN to go with a longform type of sports journalism, and it was successful, at least critically. But economics brought it down; it lost money.  And in today's journalism environment, meaning the internet and social media, being good isn't good enough.

You need eyeballs on your stuff. And that's sad, because it means that, as I've written, if it bleeds, it leads. The story highlighted in Cowherd's tweet is worth your time.

Zuzu Rocks....and Rocks It!!!

We've got two things to write about one of our fave readers.  ZuzuRU is a great contributor to comments, and she is as loyal a daughter of Rutgers as you will find.  And she's in the Rutgers Marching Band.  I know, that's three things.  And for her, I offer this.

As the story relates, most band members aren't music case you were wondering.  And neither is Zuzu.  She is a science nerd, and I write that with the deepest respect.  But she's also a fascinating writer and she put together the mother of all power polls for our sister site Off Tackle Empire.  It's brilliant.

Monitoring the athlete

We have some experience with athletes not being in the right place at the right time.  As does Ohio State, but I digress. Part of the issue with athletes misbehaving is because many of them live off campus.  As do a lot of non-athletes.  One school wants to change that.

Money, money, money....think USC might share?

And we were excited over a $3 million facility.  Yikes!