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Voting for a coach: Seems anti-climactic now, doesn't it?

It's the finals. I guess. What's left of the remaining available coaches.

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After Black Sunday and everything that was done, us voting for a new coach seems, well, an after thought.  There are already those saying Greg Schiano is a done deal to come back (please say never, never, never).

Well, coaches are getting fired and hired at break neck speed these days so let's just get this out there.

We have a new AD in Patrick Hobbs, and apparently he is in as THE AD, not an interim.  Clearly President Bob has been thinking about this.

Hobbs will be the guy, along with BoG Chair Greg Brown, vice chair Ken Schmidt, and Barchi, to select the next coach.  Let's do this.

P.J. Fleck, Western Michigan, Head Coach

I cheated.  Narduzzi won, but it's my brackets and Narduzzi ain't leaving Pitt so I'm changing the rules on the spot.  Narduzzi beat Fleck in our voting but your option here is Fleck.

Hard worker.  Diligent and tireless recruiter. But is he a flash in the pan?  Recent records: 2013: 1-11,  2014: 8-5,   2015: 7-5.  But last Friday, his Broncos took down homestanding Toledo, 35-30.  Toledo, whose coach, Matt Campbell is heading to Iowa State.

He's still out there.

For more on Fleck, check here and here.

D.J. Durkin, Defensive Coordinator, Michigan

The sources are saying he's headed to Maryland.  Vote fast.

He beat the aforementioned Matt Campbell in his voting.

His defensive acumen didn't have much effect on Ohio State.  But the fact that after one year in Ann Arbor, he is being listed as a coach candidate at another Big Ten school is significant.

For more on Durkin, check here and here.

My editorial comment

Anyone  who cheered over either Julie Hermann or Kyle Flood losing their jobs is heartless.  Do I want Rutgers to be successful and want it to be the best it can be?  Absolutely.  But no one should be joyous over someone being fired, regardless of the "package" they get going out the door.  Both Julie and Kyle wanted the best for Rutgers and our athletes.  It didn't work.  I'm sorry for them and their families, and I wish them all well.