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Rutgers Athletics: What I Want From the Next AD

Rutgers had their bloodletting Sunday firing Julie Hermann and Kyle Flood. No one hung in the wind longer than 24 hours, and now the Scarlet Knights must move on.

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It's time to move on, Rutgers fans.  Julie Hermann is gone and hopefully Rutgers can start the process of hiring a Big Ten ready athletic director.  And there's a wishlist for what I want from the next AD... basically, I want the next athletic director to start moving in this direction at his or her first press conference.


I want the next AD to be media savvy.  Think Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees.  Go listen to a Cashman press conference or radio interview.  Cashman is always honest without giving up his cards.  He will tell you what he thinks of players and coaches.  There is a bite and a chip on his shoulder, but it never feels like he is hiding things from the media.

Because, here is the number 1 rule, the media will always find out.

Tell the media what is going on and make them your ally.  No more lies about what parent you may have talked to or the fact that there was no video.  Don't give the media a chance to dig, because once they do, they will find more than you want them to.  You need to be in charge, and not give an inch.

Tell the media your plan.  Then execute it.

Fix Basketball

Listen, I know most of you who read this site don't care.  Rutgers could go 0-31 each year and as long as they doesn't hurt football, you wouldn't mind.  But it is embarrassing that Rutgers has gone as long as it has (1991) without making the NCAA Tournament and going on 10 years without a winning season.  The new AD has to start figuring out ways to fundraise to bring basketball into the 21st century.

Listen, in terms of facilities and support, football is close to where it needs to be.  And football money will almost always be there.  They have cultivated enough people who care about the sport that when money is needed, they can figure it out.  Not the case with hoops.

Remember it is an athletic department, not just a football school.  Men's basketball has the potential to make money if fixed right.  The new AD has to make that happen.  It starts by, ironically, keeping the current facilities plan in place.  Just raise the money.

Probably easier said than done.

A Smart Hire

I hope they let the new AD hire the next football coach.

The head football coach is the most important position in the athletic department and at a school like Rutgers, it may be the most important position period.  And you want your football coach and athletic director to be on the same page.  So, let the AD wield their power from Day 1.  Find the football coach that fits your school and fits your vision.

It may mean sacrificing this year's recruiting class.  Of course, after firing Kyle Flood, some will look else where anyway.  You have time until signing day.

Do it right.

Bonus:  Vetting

Okay, this one isn't for the new AD but for Rutgers.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE do your due diligence.  You need to make sure the next AD comes in clean.  There can't be any easily discoverable skeletons in their closer.   Maybe even ask the great Jim Delany what he thinks.

And if there is a skeleton, the AD better be ready to answer for it on the podium day 1.

Do it right this time, Rutgers.

You're in the Big Ten.

Dave White is the author of the Jackson Donne thrillers.  You can order them at his website.