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Rutgers Has Fired Head Coach Kyle Flood

It's official. After four seasons as the head coach of Rutgers, Kyle Flood has been fired. What does that mean?

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First it was Julie Hermann who was fired. Now, in a move that came as no surprise to a significant number of fans and even casual observers, Rutgers University has fired head football coach Kyle Flood after four years in the position.  Flood leaves with a career record at Rutgers of 27-24.

The move was first announced by ESPN's Brett McMurphy

Impact on recruiting

Flood had secured some quality recruits, most notably Pennsylvania QB Anthony Russo.  But the class was ranked #42 nationally and 10 in B1G by Rivals (as of 11/20) and 52/11 by 247.  What does a change do?  As has been commented, Flood was a "player's coach", so the question might be asked, do any of those recruits have loyalty to Rutgers?  Or were they signing on with the coach?  A quick resolution to the next coach's hiring can provide more than enough time for a competent recruiter to gather a staff (if current coaches aren't retained) and still put together a decent class by Feb. 3, 2016.

Impact on donations

Jeff Towers.  Does he make a difference?  Was he the bellweather for all donors?  Or was he the outlier who stood alone in supporting Flood?  There were more than a few thoughts that the team's failures on the field, along with the off field arrests and suspensions, had soured people on the program.  Would an energetic and dynamic coach, who could become the face of not only football but athletics, spur new and more money into Rutgers?

Impact on fans

There were fewer and fewer people who believed that Kyle Flood was the answer.  It was close to the point of saying almost anyone would b an improvement over Flood.  The lower number of fans at the Nebraska game may have been a harbinger of things to come if Flood wasn't replaced.  Ticket sales, donations, merchandise, you name it.  It all tied in to how people felt about Rutgers football, and it wasn't very good this season.

Impact on you

How do you feel about this?  See you in the comments.