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Knight Caps: And you thought we took the holiday off!

The OTB staff never rests. We have quips, quotes, and uhh, stuff about Rutgers. You think of another word starting with Q!


No such thing as bad publicity

I thought this was a great promotion.  Somewhat snickered at it - okay, they laughed out loud - but I thought otherwise. And you probably just deleted it -- that's why I'm here.

Women's Soccer....'nuff said

But we will say a bit more.  Elite Eight game today at Virginia at 2:00.  Live scoring here Live streaming here..

And for good measure, some awards for the past week's efforts.  Senior defender Brianne Reed was named to Team of the Week, announced Tuesday. Reed played the full 180 minutes of the No. 9 Scarlet Knights' NCAA second and third round victories last weekend, heading in the second goal of a 2-0 win against Hofstra on Nov. 20.

Joining Reed on the team of the week was sophomore forward Colby Ciarrocca. Ciarrocca was named honorable mention after notching three points (1g, 1a) in the 4-0 win against No. 18 UConn (Nov. 22).

Reed is the fourth RU player this season to earn a spot on the TDS Team of the Week. Sophomore goalkeeper Casey Murphy earned the title of Player of the Week on Oct. 20, while defender Erica Skroski made the squad on Sept. 8.  Ciarrocca was also named honorable mention on Oct. 20.

Everybody loves throwbacks: bring it home!

I spoke with someone in the athletic department about this idea.  And supposedly Eddie actually would be on board for a game at The Barn.  It would be great.  Just students, everyone right on top of the court.  They have to get this done.

Who is just the best?

Right.  Eric.  And he's still acting like the Energizer Bunny for spinal cord research.  Check out this.

It's Thanksgiving weekend - let's talk food, Jersey-style

Did you have anything with cranberries yesterday?  If you did, there's a good chance those cranberries were grown in New Jersey, the third largest producer of the fruit in the nation.

It's all about the Benjamins

Money drives everything.  And we've certainly talked about the need for cash infusions at Rutgers for....everything.  But it is wending its way down to the high school level.  In a pretty big way.  And whether it's R Fund here at Rutgers, or the local booster group selling hot dogs at your high school's football game, the "team behind the team" is more important than ever.

Serious Competition, hitting all the right notes

The Marching Band.  The Glee Club.  Facing off in a fight to the death.  Well, maybe not that serious but pretty intense.

Yes, football.  With a live feed of the game (you can't get it now...sorry.)  Glee Club won.

Soup, by the way, is the late and legendary director of the Glee Club, Austin F. "Soup" Walter, who led the singers for 37 years.

Army Blue....Rutgers Scarlet

Speaking of the band, they went to West Point.  And unlike at Indiana, they were allowed to play.  And share the day with the West Point musicians.

Todd Bowles.....six one-game seasons

Just please don't let him say we want to be 1-0 this week.  Please!

And finally.....