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OTB Staff Predictions for Maryland at Rutgers

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Ransom: While this season has been tough, this game is going to be awesome. All of the pent up frustration, anger and disappointment at how this season has gone is going to be let loose in one final cavalry charge against the overmatched Terps. In Paul James' last game as a Knight, Flood rewards him for his perseverance with a 30+ carry 3+ TD victory lap. The defense plays tough, making enough key plays to keep the Terps offense bottled up and Rutgers carries some momentum into an offseason of intrigue. Rutgers 42, Maryland 13.

Bob Cancro: God, I love Ray's optimism. But this time I can understand it....a little. Like just about everyone else, I do not want to see Kyle Flood back.  But I do want him - and more importantly this team - to win. Do the players know anything, do they sense this is the end for Flood and will they put up one last stand for the coach?  The Football Letterwinners made a stand for him at his last (of the season) Kyle Flood Radio Show on Wednesday:

Do they know something?  Trying to head off something?  Yes, I know, you're straying, old man.  ** deep breath **  We go 5-7, but enough schools get six wins and we pack up the equipment.  Rutgers 27, Maryland 24

Aaron Breitman: The setting for this game is night and day from last season, when both programs had winning records and were the surprise of the Big Ten.  This season, they are arguably the worst two teams in the conference, except for Purdue. Amazingly, Rutgers can finish 5-7 and in fifth place of the Big Ten East with a victory on Saturday. And just to dispel any misconception, I absolutely want them to win and would never think otherwise.  That being said, I can't bear the thought of Kyle Flood boasting how well the team overcame adversity, how close they were to being bowl eligible, the future is bright, and how they will be 1-0 every upcoming weekend through next August. I think the difference will be the senior captain trio of Leonte Carroo, Paul James and Quentin Guase willing Rutgers to victory.  The three of them deserve a proper sendoff and all had great careers on the banks. They will be missed. Rutgers 26 Maryland 20

Andy Egan: On the merits, Rutgers should win this game. We don't beat teams that are better than us (and far too often, don't even show up) but under Kyle Flood, we have tended to take care of teams that are worse than us. Maryland is worse than us, a little bit. I think this is an ugly, unsatisfying win for the Scarlet Knights in a nearly empty stadium. Run game heavy for Rutgers offense, and just enough defense to get it done. I also think we see one more Grills runback TD. Oh -- and Kyle Flood trolls the fans by #free[ing]Rettig with about 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Rutgers 24, Maryland 18.

Griffin Whitmer: First let me say that I hate that I'm doing this but I think it is totally justified: Maryland is 2-9, but unlike Rutgers, has been playing with a lot of pride. They clearly have their coach's back and have the will to compete with the best teams in the conference. The Terps were tied with tOSU in the 3rd quarter, they played with Wisconsin, and nearly beat Penn State. Rutgers was blown out by all 3 of those teams. Because they have "nothing" to play for, I think Maryland comes out with more emotion and more will to win. I think they will put up points because the Rutgers defense loves to give them up. Whoever plays QB will have the game of his life because thats what every QB does against Rutgers, and the Terps will win 31-14.

Scott Logan: While I don't think Maryland is as bad as their record indicates, they're also not very good. And neither are we. Three cheers for mediocrity. My prediction? It's going to be cold. Attendance will be low thanks to the holiday weekend. This won't be the same celebration of surprising first seasons in the Big Ten Rutgers and Maryland enjoyed last year. But I think Rutgers will play well. A forgettable season will end on a high note as we reflect on the careers of our outgoing seniors. Carroo will catch at least two touchdowns. Paul James will have the kind of breakaway touchdown run he's become known for. Maryland, as they've done a few times this season, will stay within striking distance. Laviano, as he's done many times this season, will underwhelm, leaving us to wonder how different things would have been if Rutgers would have just elected to #FreeRettig. An ugly win, but a win. Rutgers 27, Maryland 14