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Rutgers Roundtable: We give thanks for.....

As we sit down for this truly American holiday, preparing to gorge ourselves on turkey, stuffing, and football, the OTB staff offers its thoughts on what we give thanks for as Rutgers fans. Ya think that's an easy task?

Don't criticize me; I searched "Thanksgiving" and this came up
Don't criticize me; I searched "Thanksgiving" and this came up
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

At the first Thanksgiving in 1621, the residents of Plymouth Plantation - the newcomers to the area - and the natives of the area purportedly sat together to celebrate the harvest.  The joining of two civilizations. And while we aren't exactly sure what they ate, it is likely that they drank beer.  I'm good with that.

Those folks gave thanks for surviving the harsh New England winter and for the friendship and protection that the local Mashpee Wampanoag tribe offered. Did I mention they had beer?

The OTB Staff offers their thoughts on what we are thankful for.

Bob Cancro:A long life leads you to think about a lot of things.  A wonderful family and all those I love and who love me back - warts and all.  People who gave me a chance.  Good health, even the two bad knees that I can still run on around a football field.  I truly am thankful for Rutgers....warts and all.  For Mason Gross and Ed Bloustein, two great University presidents. Grateful for my two very worthwhile degrees, Willie the Silent,, Voorhees Mall and Kirkpatrick Chapel. Being a WRSU alum and a RU letter winner. Rutgers is a good place.  It's special and another home to me

We pledge our faith to Alma Mater,
Our love to all the fond old scenes,
And e'er through life we stand together,
For love we bear to Queens.

And e'er through life we stand together,
For love we bear to Queens..

-- A Hymn to Queens

Aaron Breitman: On this Turkey Day, I give thanks for the following: Corey Sanders potential; Eddie Jordan's loyalty; Darius Hamilton's character; Anthony Ashnault's talent; my four years as a student at Rutgers; my mother and father moving to New Jersey and taking me to Rutgers games starting at the age of 5; my experiences of attending multiple Rutgers sporting events over the years, even the losses; my custom red "block R" Rutgers pants; Norries Wilson press conferences; Vivian Stringer press conferences; Rutgers being a B1G member; the many readers of OTB; the great writers of OTB; SB Nation for giving us the opportunity to have a Rutgers site; traditions; my friends, family and beautiful wife.

Ray Ransom: I'm thankful for the future. Both on the field and off, there are bright things on the horizon for Dear Old Rutgers. From the integration of the medical school and its affect on international rankings of the program to capital investment and new facilities across campus, the Rutgers of today is becoming a pretty awesome place and the Rutgers of tomorrow is going to be even better. On the field, our future remains bright as ever. While the past few years have included a few tough spots (Mike Rice, Suspension Week, Floodgate), if we can put those behind us, things are trending in the right direction. Olympic sports, led by our amazing soccer programs, are already settling into the Big Ten and making strides. Basketball has great leadership and is starting to realize its hardcourt potential. On the football field, 2020 and beyond will bring us even in the Big Ten arms race and see us push ahead of the pack with a new TV deal for the conference, bolstered by the additions of Rutgers and Maryland. We'll start competing on the highest level of the sport and the bad blood of this year will be a footnote in our rich history. Finally, I'm thankful for a great community of writers and fans. This is one of the best communities on the internet and I'm super thankful to be a part of it. Onwards and upwards Rutgers fans!

Scott Logan: I'm thankful for my family and friends who, for some reason, show me love and support no matter what. I'm thankful for every part of my Rutgers experience. I'm thankful for Rutgers athletics, both the ups and the downs. I'm thankful for the awesome group of people I tailgate with before games, who make gameday fun even when the game itself isn't. I'm thankful for the Riot Squad (#StuffTheRAC), who keep doing great work even though its best-looking member graduated last May. I'm thankful for Netflix, but not for the lack of productivity that comes with it. I'm thankful that my iPhone 4s continues to function despite it being a thousand years old. I'm thankful for Happy Hour at Olive Branch. And I'm thankful for Kristaps Porzingis.

Griffin Whitmer:

I'm thankful for the greatest sport in the world, college football. I am also thankful for the optimism and youth of the Rutgers basketball team. I'm thankful that Rutgers Athletics has found an identity, as a soccer school. I'm thankful for Scott Goodale leading the wrestling team to a top-15 ranking. Of course, I'm thankful for my family and friends who are always with me. I'm thankful that at the youthful age of 18, I have the opportunity to express myself to such an awesome community of readers, writers, and commenters, even they don't always like what I write. Bottom line: I love what I do and am so thankful to be doing it. What a time to be alive.

Andy Egan: I am thankful for my wonderful family and terrific friends. I'm thankful to live in the greatest country in the world, and especially thankful for those guys our football team played last week at Army and their brothers and sisters at Navy and Air Force, whose courage allows us the freedom to speculate about things like the bracketology of hypothetical coaching choices for  a job that is not (yet) open, or how good our women's soccer program really is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to write about the school I love, and thankful to work with great people at OTB, who are patient with me when real life prevents me from writing as much as I would like. Finally, after a tough football season and in contemplation of what might be a tougher offseason, I am thankful that hope springs eternal, and, as they say, "there's always next year!" Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

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And our current students?  What are they thankful for?

The staff of On the Banks is certainly also thankful for you, our readers, for being a part of our Rutgers community.  We are grateful for your readership, for your bright and passionate comments, and for your loyalty, to both us and to Rutgers.  We wish you a joyful and peaceful Thanksgiving to you and your families.