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Voting for a coach: The first of the semifinals

The whole idea of bracketology is to make a decision. Well, we did but.....

WHAT?  I got beat out by THAT guy?
WHAT? I got beat out by THAT guy?
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Bracketology.  Making a decision. Eliminating an option.

This one was reeeeeeally close.  But we had to eliminate someone. And we three votes.

D.J. Durkin, Michigan, Defensive Coordinator

How he got here: Squeezed passed Matt Rhule in the quarterfinals

Maybe Matt Rhule isn't all that after all?  He's got Temple at 9-2, in first place in the American East.  But he didn't beat out Michigan's first year DC.

Durkin has the Wolverines at number one in the conference in total defense.  Number one against the run, number one against the pass.  And he and his boss have UM in a position to win the Eastern Division.  What else ya wanna know?

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Matt Campbell, Toledo, Head Coach

How he got here: Comfortably beat out UConn's Bob Diaco

Campbell from the MAC topped an AAC HC with ties to Notre Dame.  I'm impressed.  His team is 9-2 and at No. 24 in the AP poll.  Impressed again.  And this Friday his Rockets take on P.J. Fleck's Broncos.  Interesting.  Could that be the playoff for the RU head coaching job?

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Tomorrow: The last of the semifinals