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Rutgers & B1G Attendance: Mea Culpa (see Maryland, sucky)

Wow. After this weekend, 46,000, or even 43,000 people, looks like an outstanding crowd. Okay, I stand corrected. Sort of. Maybe. Just a little bit.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

It was Senior Day at Byrd Stadium on the campus of the University of Maryland.  It was 50 degrees and mostly sunny.  A perfect football day.  Except no one really cared.

The truth is, we don't know when that photo was taken.  Another tweet, in defense of the fans of the 2-9 Twerps, said it wasn't that bad.  The truth is, though, that the fans have given up on the Marylanders and are not coming out.  It is, after all, basketball season in College Park.

And of course, it could have been at Miami's Senior Day.  Where this is 51,000 fans.

via Twitter @utleydw

But I digress.  I was upset that students didn't show last week at Rutgers ( I still am) and that our Big Ten school could only draw a sub-50,000 crowd.  Well, at least we aren't Maryland.

Or will we be next Saturday?

Army Football

There are few better places to watch football than Michie Stadium.  The Hudson Valley in the fall is gorgeous, and for those of us in New Jersey, it's a relatively short drive up the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  And Army plays sports for the right reasons.  The Black Knights drew 30,113 against the Scarlet Knights; not their biggest crowd (79% capacity) but not their worst, either (Fordham for home opener at 59%).

Around the Big Ten

Both Ohio State and Penn State set season highs for attendance.  So much for home field advantage.  The Buckeyes, with no help from their coaching staff according to Zeke Elliott, dropped what could have been a division-clinching game to Michigan State.  And the Nittany Lions dropped a 10-point decision to Michigan.  The Lions face MSU next Saturday, with a chance to spoil Sparty's run to the B1G championship game.  With the game at Spartan Stadium, i don't think there will be an issue of who will show up?

At the other end, both the Twerps and Minnesota had season lows for attendance. For the Gophers, it was odd since it was pretty normal November football weather for Minneapolis, as noted in their box score:

Temperature: 22  • Wind: WNW @8  • Weather: Crisp & Cold

One week to go. Here's week 12 in the B1G.

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Ohio State 108,975 104,944 103.84 L  MSU
Penn State 107,418 107,282 100.13 L  Michigan
47,976 50,805 94.43 W  Illinois
Wisconsin 75,276 80,321 93.72 L  Northwestern
Iowa 62,920 70,585 89.14 W  Purdue
Maryland 33,685 54,000 62.38 L  Indiana

Quick look at hoops

Three home games in for the men and they are averaging 3,865, with Central Arkansas as the high mark for the season at 4,113..  With two games in the books, the women are averaging 1,976.  We'll keep you updated as we go along.


A mixed report here.  UConn has now done this year what Rutgers could not: beat a ranked team.  The Huskies beat No. 13 Houston at home, 20-17.  The doggies can also do something we cannot: run trick plays effectively. Wide receiver Noel Thomas caught two touchdown passes, including a 45-yarder on a trick play in the fourth quarter as the pooches beat the previously undefeated Cougars.

Of course, they did it in front of 26,879 people.  And that total was about 1300 less than their season average.  So not all was good.

And that makes us smile.