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OTB Staff Predictions for Rutgers at Army

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Dave White: I predict that in two week, mercifully, this season will be over.  Also, there's a hoops game tomorrow at 5 pm at the RAC.  Hooray for hoops!

Aaron Breitman: Army is a bad team, However, so is Rutgers, and sadly the Cadets have a better chance to beat us this week then they do their last game of the season against Navy.  If Leonte Carroo is even 75% healthy, he should have a big game. Josh  Hicks and Robert Martin should both have close to, or over 100 yards each.  I know the offensive line's health is a concern, but it's a good opportunity to rotate the second string in and get some reps. Actually, I hope Kyle Flood utilizes the second string in every positional group to some degree, as development is badly needed.  Especially for the players he wasted a redshirt on that have barely played.  The triple option of Army will cause the defense fits at times, but I think Rutgers wins in unimpressive fashion. Rutgers 31, Army 20

Ray Ransom: As I posited on Off Tackle Empire, Rutgers is going to roll. We're good at beating teams that are worse than us and Army fits that description. While we love Army and everything they represent, this year they're just not equipped to keep up with p5 teams. While Rutgers has its issues, stopping the run has been a relative strong point (relative to pass defense at least). Army plays into the strengths of the team and the offense should be able to move the ball steadily with a strong run game. Rutgers does not run up the score, because we're not asshats in khakis. Rutgers 35, Army 13

Bob Cancro: Ray's off his meds again.  Or has been drinking.  Or both.  We should win.  And it should be without having to bite fingernails and wring our hands for 60 minutes.  The option will give us issues, as it always has.  But hopefully we can run (this is my personal broken record) and slow the game down, keeping the ball out of the QB's hands.  Army's coach saying we are the most talented team they've played says volumes about a) Army's schedule and b) Rutgers' coaching.  That being said, this should not be terribly close.  But it easily could be.  Rutgers 31,  Army 14

Kelly Montagna: After losing five of the last six games, Rutgers should be thrilled to travel up to West Point and face Army. The defense has struggled recently to say the least, having given up 49, 48, 49 and 31 points in their last four losses. The good news for Rutgers is that the Army offense is no where near as prolific as Rutgers' latest opponents. In fact, Army's offense has been downright inept all season. QB Ahmed Bradshaw has thrown for only 429 yards and five touchdowns all season. This opponent should be just what Rutgers needs to get back on track. RU 35-14

Griffin Whitmer: The most important position group when playing a triple option team is the linebackers. Luckily, Rutgers' best defensive unit is their linebackers. While Kaiwan Lewis struggles in pass coverage, he is very strong against the run. Steve Longa is a tackling machine and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get 20, yes 20, tackles. Let's not forget the best player on the defense, Quentin Gause, who should flying around the field. Depth will be an issue however, as Army will run the ball just about every play and the LBs will get tired. Isaiah Johnson is the only proven linebacker that isn't a starter and will likely get the most playing time of his short career. I think the defense has a great game, as they are built perfectly to stop this type of offense. Rutgers 35-10 Army

Scott Logan: I want to believe this will be a blowout. But I also felt the same way about Indiana, and it took a 25-point comeback to spare Rutgers from another letdown. And then Rutgers was blown out in each of its last four games. Plus, despite being 2-8, Army has played some teams really tough this year, including a near upset of Penn State in Happy Valley. Still, I think Rutgers has this one. Army doesn't move the ball particularly well, so this shaky secondary won't be tested the way it was against the gauntlet of the Big Ten. Plus the strong linebacker trio of Gause, Lewis and Longa is tailor-made to go up against the triple option. As for Rutgers' offense...after this four-game losing streak, there's really nowhere to go but up. I think Rutgers wins by a few scores, but wouldn't be surprised to see this one come down to the wire. Rutgers 31, Army 10