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Voting for a coach: Elite 8 Fleck vs Withers

The last two in the quarterfinals, and it's an interesting pairing of head coaches. Very different programs, very different locales. One of these two head coaches moves on.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

How it works: This isn't seeded; the best wasn't paired against the eighth best.  The idea of bracketology is to make a decision (and to let you folks talk, rant, and write about potential replacements for Kyle Flood).  We're looking to come up with a name, no matter who he goes up against along the way.

The other point is that we aren't considering who we could get, because there are names on this list that we wouldn't get for any number of reasons, from cost to their commitment to their current job.  So go with whomever you would like in the job.

About today: Two head coaches, two very different programs and locales.  P.J. Fleck's name has been mentioned for the Rutgers job since, oh, the day after Flood was appointed?  And Withers is already running an FCS program at the highest level.

P.J. Fleck, Western Michigan, Head Coach

How he got here: easily topped Old Dominion's Head Coach Bobby Wilder

Loads of people around here love Fleck, the "next big thing".  And he has ties to Rutgers, having worked under Schiano.  I was a little surprised at how easily he beat Wilder, a guy who built the ODU program from scratch.  By comparison, Rutgers would be a cakewalk.  WMU took a thumping from Bowling Green last week, but that probably isn't dissuading too many from looking at the wunderkind. His guaranteed salary with the Broncos is $800,000, with a $1 million buyout if he terminates prior to Nov. 30, 2015.  The buyout decreases by $200,000 each year through 2020.

For more on Fleck, check here and here.

Everett Withers, James Madison, Head Coach

How he got here: topped NC State's OC, Matt Canada

Canada was getting a lot of positive comments, and the fact that Butch Jones made a play for his services at Tennessee (which caused NC State to raise his salary), caught people's attention.  But Withers' background in major programs (Ohio State, among others), and his recent success at JMU, pushed him ahead.  And there were those seven years as an NFL assistant.  Check.

From a monetary standpoint, Rutgers could certainly compete.  His base salary, without any additional incentives, is $325,000.

For more on Withers, check here and here.

Up next: The last four standing.  We'll have a new coach as soon as the Maryland game is over