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What the hell is going on with the Rutgers football team?!?

An incredibly saucy hot take following the Rutgers loss to Wisconsin

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Last week, I wrote a pretty controversial article supporting Chris Laviano as the Rutgers starting QB. On Saturday against Wisconsin, Chris Laviano did absolutely everything he could to make me look like an absolute idiot. Kudos to the 95% of you guys that called for Hayden Rettig, because you were right, and I was wrong.

I was away on Saturday and couldn't watch any of the Rutgers game, and quite frankly:

Whenever a QB posts a QBR in single digits, it isn't just  bad, it's embarrassing. Chris Laviano returned to 2014 form and I can only say a quick prayer for those of you who watched what went on with the Rutgers "offense" on Saturday.

I DO stand by what I wrote about Chris Laviano, at the time that I wrote it. However, Saturday just turned all that support to sh*t. I can't hang on any longer. I'm done. I'm sick of what the Rutgers football program has turned into.

I have no doubt frustrated a fair share of OtB readers with my optimism in Kyle Flood and desire to retain him as the head coach. Today, I understand why and begin to question our leader.

It all falls on the head coach

  • When a team comes back from a 52-27 3rd quarter defecit for the most improbable win in school history, the head coach gets credit for never giving up on his players and keeping them in the game mentally.
  • When a team hosts the #1 team in the country in primetime and plays about 5 minutes of inspired football before seemingly giving up for the rest of the game, that falls on the head coach.
  • When a team follows up said loss with the most un-inspiring loss of the season, where there was never, at any point, a positive sign, that falls on the head coach.
  • When a struggling QB keeps getting sent out on the field in un-winnable situations, and the capable backup sits on the bench for unknown reasons, that falls on the head coach.
  • When there are 3 capable running backs and the "hot hand" is not being ridden, that falls 100% on the head coach. I don't care if it is technically Norries Wilson's job because at the end of the day, Kyle Flood makes the final call on everything and anything regarding personnel

This is not "Rutgers" football

What happened to the "Keep Chopping" mentality? What happened to the tough, scrappy defenses that opponents feared? What happened to the dependable special teams play? Rutgers doesn't have a great offense. Rutgers has a bad defense. Rutgers has bad special teams. Rutgers has bad coaching. Rutgers has awful leadership in the athletic department. The 2015 Rutgers football program is not what fans expect or deserve.

What really grinds my gears

  • Is there not a competent kicker on the roster that can put a ball in the endzone?
  • Does the staff not evaluate personnel on a week to week basis?
  • Can the staff not figure out how to get Agudosi and Carroo on the field together?
  • Can Chris Laviano not successfully receive a snap under center?
  • Is Hayden Rettig really THAT bad??? (I guarantee not)
  • Is Kemoko Turay still on the team? He failed to register a defensive statistic against Wisconsin. At least we won't have to worry about him leaving for the NFL

Why I am now 100% in support of #FreeRettig

  • Chris Laviano is the college version of Peyton Manning..... but because of his #NoodleArm
  • Chris Laviano didn't improve against Wisconsin
  • After being forced to reflect by OtB readers, I have found myself. Chris Laviano is not the QB of the future.
  • The team doesn't seem to rally behind Laviano, and he is nothing without Carroo, unlike Rettig

Why my support of Kyle Flood is nearly 100% gone

  • After thinking of reasons to keep him, I've just about had enough of him
  • I cut him slack for the tOSU game, since they were #1, but looking back, the team never showed signs of determination
  • The Wisconsin loss marked back to back blowouts with the team showing no signs of life
  • He refuses to answer questions fully
  • I'm so sick and tired of the "1-0" bullcrap
  • Did Chris Laviano give you the best chance to go "1-0" when you were down 34-3, or 41-10 in the 3rd quarter against Wisconsin?
  • How about when you were down 35-0 and 42-0 in the 3rd quarter against Ohio State?
  • He has been out-coached by Norries Wilson this year, the running backs coach

The scariest/most awesome part?

Rutgers is not a good team. Rutgers can still make a bowl game. They currently sit at 3-5, with a seemingly un-winnable game @ Michigan next week. After that, they host Nebraska, who just got dominated by Purdue, and Army followed by Maryland. There is a chance Rutgers can close out the season 3-0 and go bowling. However, if Rutgers gets blown out by Michigan and loses to Nebraska, this will go down as one of the worst Rutgers seasons in recent memory. This team can go 7-6, and this team can go 3-9, because there are no guarantees in college football. If Rutgers continues to prove they can't play with the quality teams of the B1G, there will be a different man roaming the sidelines in 2016.

Would a bowl game make a difference?

Without a doubt, this is the most forgettable season in recent memory. WIth all the scandals and issues surrouding this team, it begs the question: can any record save Kyle Flood's job? The general, and I mean GENERAL feeling around the fan base is that they want Flood out. It is entirely possible that Rutgers gets to 6-6, goes to a bowl game, beats a Power-5 team, goes 7-6, and Kyle Flood still gets fired. For all we know, Rutgers is searching for a coaching replacement while the team struggles week in and week out.

There is only ONE reason to keep Flood

This is my gut feeling on Kyle Flood, and the main reason why I wrote the aforementioned article last week: recruiting. Kyle Flood is a players coach, and it seems that the players are committed to him, not the school. If Rutgers wants to fire Flood, which they should be able to do with cause after the season, they better have a great HC in waiting who will need to hold the class together. The more time Rutgers does not have a head coach, the more time committed players have to think about their future and speculate, and the more time other schools (Temple+Anthony Russo) have to communicate with committed players. All I really want is Anthony Russo putting ink to paper in February committed to the Scarlet Knights.

So where do we go from here?

Keep Choppin, Rutgers fans, we're in this together.