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Voting for a coach: Elite 8 Smith vs Narduzzi

A coordinator we know. A head coach we would have loved when he was a coordinator. The round of eight continues.

It was either this photo or one of the Arkansas defense; coin toss decided
It was either this photo or one of the Arkansas defense; coin toss decided
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

How it works: This isn't seeded; the best wasn't paired against the eighth best.  The idea of bracketology is to make a decision (and to let you folks talk, rant, and write about potential replacements for Kyle Flood).  We're looking to come up with a name, no matter who he goes up against along the way.

The other point is that we aren't considering who we could get, because there are names on this list that we wouldn't get for any number of reasons, from cost to their commitment to their current job.  So go with whomever you would like in the job.

About today: Narduzzi was a name that people had been mentioning for years. Smith not so much.  But they both are defensive guys, something a lot of people want to see in the next Rutgers mentor.

Robb Smith, Arkansas, Defensive Coordinator

How he got here: topped Richmond HC Dan Rocco

Smith spent four years at Rutgers, only one as DC.  And that was under Flood; Schiano took Bob Frazier with him to Tampa Bay.  Smith rejoined Schiano for one year in the NFL before getting the Arkansas job.  Prior to RU, he was at Maine for seven years and served as a GA at Iowa for three seasons.  He attended Allegheny College in western Pennsylvania and is 40.  He signed a three year contract in January with a salary this year of $750,000.

Foe more on Smith, check here and here.

Pat Narduzzi, Pitt, Head Coach

How he got here: overwhelmed Delaware HC Dave Brock

You get loyalty with Pat Narduzzi, and that might be an issue in getting him.  This is his first year at Pitt - another issue - but he was with Mark Dantonio for 11 years at both Cincinnati and Michigan State.  And he was DC for all 11.  He turns 50 next April, so he's certainly young enough to restart. Narduzzi was not listed in the USA Today salary database, but he was making just over $900,000 as DC at MSU in 2014.  You do the math.

For more on Narduzzi, check here and here.

Tomorrow: The last quarterfinal