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Voting for a coach: Elite 8 Diaco vs Campbell

The other half of the bracket that has Matt Rhule and D.J. Durkin. Today we have two head coaches, one in the AAC, the other in the MAC. Interesting.....

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How it works: This isn't seeded; the best wasn't paired against the eighth best.  The idea of bracketology is to make a decision (and to let you folks talk, rant, and write about potential replacements for Kyle Flood).  We're looking to come up with a name, no matter who he goes up against along the way.

The other point is that we aren't considering who we could get, because there are names on this list that we wouldn't get for any number of reasons, from cost to their commitment to their current job.  So go with whomever you would like in the job.

About today: It's interesting how some people want someone with head coaching experience.  But what if that experience is only two years?  and what if it's in the MAC

Bob Diaco, Connecticut, Head Coach

How he got here: beat out UNH OC Ryan Carty, but not by as much as I'd thought

He turned around Notre Dame's defense and put the Irish back in the national conversation.  He also got laughed at when he created the rivalry trophy with UCF and failed to tell them about it.  He's an Iowa grad, so he understands the Big Ten.  He's a New Jersey native, so he "gets" the area. And ten of his recruits are from the Garden State.  This is his first head coaching job, but he's worked at UVA and Cincinnati, as well as several MAC and Missouri Valley schools.

For More on Diaco, check here and here.

Matt Campbell, Toledo, Head Coach

How he got here: easily outdistanced Joe Moglia in the round of 16

Campbell is only 35. His Rockets are 8-1 this year, 25-13 since he took over for Tim Beckman, going into tonight's game with Bowling Green.  He is in his fifth year with the Rockets, and all his D1 experience is in the MAC at Bowling Green and Toledo.  He has taken the team to two bowl games in his own, where he is 1-1.  e coached the 2011 Military Bowl in Beckman's place and won.  He played D3 ball at Mt. Union.

For more on Campbell, check here and here.

Tomorrow: Robb Smith's triumphant return against......