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Voting for a coach: Elite 8 Rhule vs Durkin

We are into the quarterfinals, the last eight standing. Both of these guys had to defeat an opponent previously; both did it pretty convincingly.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were eight; the quarterfinals.

Let's consider some things.  This isn't seeded; the best wasn't paired against the eighth best.  The idea of bracketology is to make a decision (and to let you folks talk, rant, and write about potential replacements for Kyle Flood).  We're looking to come up with a name, no matter who he goes up against along the way.

The other point is that we aren't considering who we could get, because there are names on this list that we wouldn't get for any number of reasons, from cost to their commitment to their current job.  So go with whomever you would like in the job.

Quarterfinal Round - let's get it down to four

Matt Rhule,Temple, Head Coach

How he got here: topped Pete Lembo, Head Coach, Ball State

Rhule says he loves Temple and it would take a lot for him to leave.  But he also says, you never know what the future brings.  He knows the region and has recruited New Jersey well.  He is only in his third year, and there were some commenters who wonder if this is an abberation or the new normal on Broad Street.  He's only slightly older than Durkin (41 in January) and he's currently making $1.3 million.

For more on Ruhle, check here and here.

D.J. Durkin, Michigan, Defensive Coordinator

How he got here: topped Lance Leipold, Head Coach, Buffalo

Here are my keys on Durkin.  He's young (38) but not so young he can't stand up to the pressure of the big names.  While he played and did some coaching at Bowling Green - not a bad place to learn football, by the way - he's been in highly responsible positions at Florida, Stanford, and now Michigan.  And look at Michigan this year.  And at Florida, he was the interim head coach in their Gator Bowl victory. The down side?  It's his first year in Ann Arbor; would he want to leave so soon?  Durkin is making $800,000 this year.

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Tomorrow: Diaco vs. Campbell