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Rutgers Scarlet Knights November Football Recruiting Round-Up

With less than 90 days to the 2016 National Signing Day, the crucial period of solidarity has arrived for programs to cement their classes, and finalize any key commits before the annual last-second "flippers" arise.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's Mid-November, and the Scarlet Knights are getting blown out in comical fashion every Saturday like clock work. If you're still following the games each Saturday afternoon, I tip my hat to you, because I simply can't bare to even turn the games on anymore.

With that said, the 2016 recruiting cycle is entering the beginning of it's homestretch, and your Scarlet Knights currently rank 50th overall, with 17 three-star commits leading the way in head coach Kyle Flood's third full season at the helm. We've attached a few intregal pieces into the article to keep you up to date on where exactly the program stands through this tumultuous season. Surprisingly, there have been few decommitments so far, but that could change with the firing of Flood, and more so certainly if the next head coach is one with either a less-than-stellar track record *cough* Al Golden *cough*, or one that doesn't fit the promises made to commits under Flood.

When you look below, you'll see the 2016 Big Ten Conference class rankings, with Rutgers arriving at a modest 11th out of 14, currently ahead of only Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois; all three of whom could also be searching for new head coaches this offseason. For a team with zero current four-star commits, Rutgers certainly has made a statement with their class, ranking third in the conference in three-star commits, behind only Iowa and Northwestern, two schools that historically also struggle to land top-level commits. Iowa is currently chasing a spot in the College Football Playoff, while Northwestern has turned the corner and is hovering near the top of the Big Ten.

Kyle Flood has coached poorly this season, and the results on the field are all you need to see to agree with that, but he's improved as a recruiter. He's ranked in at 50th, 53rd, and 55th respectively since 2013, the first year he recruited entirely on his own without Schiano's legacy looming over his own. The 2013 class has begun to show the most return, with starts like Chris Laviano, Sebastian Joseph, Janarion Grant, and Kemoko Turay all bringing top production to a relatively porous football team.

With the early season suspension of six players, and the eventual three-game suspension for Flood's administration scandal, I was interested to see how some recruits and commits felt about the situation, and if their minds would change before signing day if Flood were to no longer be at the helm. I had the chance to briefly speak to a top Rutgers target in Lucas Niang about what's been going on at Rutgers, and how it has or may eventually impact his decision, with 247Sports currently predicting the Scarlet Knights as his school of choice at 67%

When I asked Lucas who his current top-five schools were on November 1, his response was ...

My top five are Miami, TCU, Auburn, Rutgers and Oregon ... in no specific order.. my focus right now is setting up official visits

I asked Lucas if he has been keeping an open line of communication with any of the coaches on staff at Rutgers and his response was...

Yes, I talk to coach (Ben) McDaniels once a week, and I connected well with other coaches there, which is the biggest reason they're in my top-5.

I then asked how the off-field issues with coach Flood and the player suspensions may end up impacting his decision when he chooses to commit ...

It does have an impact, but mostly for my parents...

I then ended our conversation by asking Lucas what were his top-three deciding factors when choosing a school...

First off, the education for me is most important. After that, it's the atmosphere the team has, and how well I can see myself succeeding with the program.

I also got a few quotes from commits and targets who have asked to remain anonymous given the current state of flux the program is in, and one that stuck out to me was from a top commit, and also a quote from a parent who respectfully asked to remain anonymous as well ...

Top (Anonymous) Commit:

It's uneasy. It's kept me up at night like "Is this the right school for me? I put my future in this man's hands, and he might not even be there when I arrive... then what?

Parent of a top target

Chris, it's certainly alarming what's going on at Rutgers. When we first met with Coach Flood, he prided himself on honesty and being forthright, and to see him go through that suspension was tough for us as a family, because it wasn't who we met earlier this year. It's nothing personal, but this is our child, and like any other parent, we have our concerns. But we've decided to let the process play itself out before making a decision either way just yet

I'm no mind-reader, but... ouch. That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement for the current regime.. But, as the parent said, the process needs to play itself out before any judgment can be made.

I've decided I'm going to attempt to maintain a scholarship distribution chart, first released by Rivals, and assisted by @scarlet4ever. The school doesn't make lists like this publicly available, so at any given time, this will be my "best guess" in regards to who's on scholarship, and who's simply a Walk-On player.

2015 Scholarship Distribution Chart
Freshmen Redshirt Freshmen
QB Mike Dare
Gio Rescigno
Hayden Rettig
Chris Laviano

RB Charles Snorweah

Josh Hicks
Robert Martin
Devan Carter

Justin Goodwin
Desmon Peoples

Paul James

Kevin Marquez (WO)

Sam Bergen

Jawuan Harris
Dontae Owens
Rashad Blunt

Carlton Agudosi
Janarian Grant
Andre Patton
Ruhann Peele
John Tsimis
Vance Matthews (WO)
Leonte Carroo

TE Anthony Folkerts
Nakia Griffin
George Behr
Logan Lister
Matt Flanagan (WO)
Charles Scarff (WO)
Nick Arcidiacano

OL Jonah Jackson
Jack Shutack
Manny Taylor
Zach Venesky
Marcus Applefield
Tariq Cole
Zack Heeman
Jacquis Webb

Dorian Miller
Bryan Stonkus (WO)

Ryan Brodie
JJ Denman
Chris Muller
Derrick Nelson

Keith Lumpkin
DE Jon Bateky
Willington Previlon
Marques Ford
Ron'dell Carter
Donald Bedell
Sam Blue

Myles Nash
Kemoko Turay

Quanzell Lambert
Julian Pinnix-Odrick

DT Kamaal Seymour
Eric Wiafe
Kevin Wilkins
Jimmy Hogan

Sebastian Joseph

Darius Hamilton
Djwany Mera
LB Trevor Morris
Deonte Roberts

Eric Margolis
Brandon Russell
TJ Taylor
Darnell Davis (WO)
LJ Liston
Steve Longa
Isaiah Johnson

Quentin Gause
Kaiwan Lewis

CB Jarius Adams
Blessuan Austin
Ronnie James
Darian Dailey

Dre Boggs

Nadir Barnwell
Anthony Cioffi

S Najee Clayton
Saquan Hampton
Kiy Hester
Isaiah Wharton

Andre Hunt (WO)

Davon Jacobs
Delon Stephenson


Alan Lucy

Joseph Roth (WO)
Tim Gleeson
Kyle Federico

(1 WO)
(4 WO)
(2 WO)
(1 WO)

22/85 40/85
52/85 73/85 83/85

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I did reach out to top quarterback commit Anthony Russo, who did not accept my invite to be included in this article. Russo has been a hot topic among Rutgers football fans, some of whom believe he may not end up being a part of the final 2016 class.

Note: Special thanks to 247Sports for the rankings, and for the Distribution Chart. All numerical rankings were provided by for this article.

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