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Voting for a coach: The Readers' Comments

So, we asked you to vote for your choice of a new head coach. And we asked you to comment. And we've collected a few of the best to share..

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Tomorrow we open with the Elite Eight candidates.  But in the mean time, take a look at some of the comments you threw our way - or was that threw at us - regarding the Round of 16 and Coach In names.

On the process of bracketology

This is...


On the Banks is the best RU site out there.

by ScarletOrthodontist on Nov 5, 2015

I mean, we always thought that

On how Rutgers hires coaches

Personally, one of my favorites.

I just had a giggle thinking about how Barchi and Hermann are waiting for this bracket to materialize.

Hermann, "Bob. Bob! They did all the work for us. I'm going to give [OTB Voting for a Coach Winner] a call. Please?"

Barchi, "Whatever. I'm out of here in about a year anyway. Just don't say anything stupid. You're on probation, and only because Kyle wasn't your fault. I still don't understand why this is the greatest sport on Earth. Golf is where it's at."

Hermann, "I prefer volleyball personally, but supposedly this will bring in lots of money. That's what the people from the internet say. It must be true."

by ScarletOrthodontist on Nov 12, 2015 | 7:33 AM

On Matt Rhule

My vote

I am not convinced a Temple head coach with one good year is the way to go but Ball State is a disaster. Lembo is kind of a mid major Flood.

High praise....incoming.

On jazzing up this bracket thing a little

A new coach bracket would be fun

  • The Pro Style Regional
  • The Spread Regional
  • The Defense Regional
  • Local Roots/Connections Regional

Californian in Exile

On Moorhead vs. Carty and getting a sexy name out there


OK, cross those 2 off the list please but keep trying, good concept. Can you really see either of these 2 walk into the living room of a recruit after Urban, Harbaugh, Franklin, D’Antonio pass through?

Okay, so where do you look?

MAC coaches make me nervous

Campbell has impeccable credentials. He is right there with Rhule as up and comers. The problem with the MAC is they don't play defense. They also don't get close to top three and four star recruits. I would prefer someone with strong Big Ten connections either as a former coach or as a coordinator for one of the elite programs.

by Franksport57 on Nov 11, 2015

And another in the same vein

Explaining my vote.

MAC coaches scare me. Brady Hoke was head coach at Ball State and see how he turned out. An Assistant Coach who has coached at premier power conference programs like USC and Michigan is a better choice, particularly if he knows the Big Ten.

by Franksport57 on Nov 5, 2015

On a name we didn't include

This is a great idea

Just do everyone a favor and keep Mitch Browning off the ballot...don't want to go that route again

by Griffin Whitmer on Nov 5, 2015

On using certain gifs

A Gilmore Girls Gif!


And Check out Dave White's Novels where ever e-books are sold.

by Dave White on Nov 5, 2015

I was rather pleased with that one myself.

Ya can't please everyone [re: Diaco vs Carty]

Well this series just jumped the shark

Bob Diaco.. Really!? The same Bob Diaco who went 2-10 last year and is at 5 wins this year with quality wins over 2 different 2 win teams, a winless UCF, and an FCS team? No thanks. I get that he is a Jersey guy and he is young but he is a terrible choice to elevate this program.

So, we jumped the shark, put up people who won't  scare Jim Harbaugh (who does?), were a little bland for some, and did Julie and Barchi's work for them.  All in all, a good fortnight's work.

Tomorrow:  This is semi-final week - the elite eight.