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OTB Staff Predictions for Nebraska at Rutgers

Will Rutgers end their three game losing streak and beat the Cornhuskers tomorrow?

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Ray Ransom: This is either the game that saves Flood's job (for a year at least) or puts him on the Midtown direct back to New York. Win and you have a great shot at yet another bowl and a quality victory over a traditional powerhouse. Lose and you're looking at a 5-7 regular season at best when your players were talking about 10 wins and a Rose Bowl in the preseason. Ultimately, I think the Knights win a last-minute shootout, save Flood for a year, and propel themselves into a 3-game win streak, which they ride into bowl season as a hot team. Rutgers 42 Nebraska 40

Bob Cancro: Didn't we just do this? I know Ray is the eternal RU optimist. But I still sorta feel he forgot his meds today. This is a winnable game. Six weeks ago I probably would still h ave been on the bandwagon.  But I've just been beaten down too much.  ** sigh ** Okay, maybe they can do it. There's really enough talent on the field (if not on the sidelines in khaki pants) to get the job done. Maybe. I'm sorry, Ray, I just don't feel it - I want to but..... Nebraska 27 Rutgers 21

Aaron Breitman: Nebraska comes in confident and Tommy Armstrong Jr is a dual threat quarterback, which is the worst match-up for Rutgers.  While he has run it less this season, he is still capable, and his passing game is better than ever.  Leonte Carroo is the X factor, as he is expected to play, but we won't know how effective he will be.  If he is close to full health, Carroo could have a big game and give Rutgers a chance. Unfortunately, even with Carroo, I am not confident it will be enough with the current state of our defense. Between their psyche, after giving up 198 points in four weeks, and with so many injuries, I don't see how they will be any better this week. Nebraska 48, Rutgers 31

Dave White: Um.  It's hoops season.

Griffin Whitmer: Nebraska plays a lot of offense. Like Rutgers, however, they don't play much defense. Both defenses are equally poor but Nebraska's offense is light years ahead of Rutgers'. Points will be scored in this game, and I think Nebraska simply puts up too many for Rutgers to have a shot to win. Carroo will play so Laviano will probably light up the stat sheet as well. Nebraska 52-38 Rutgers.

Scott Logan: I don't know what to make of this Nebraska team. On one hand, they beat Michigan State last week, albeit on a controversial play, and they lost to really good Wisconsin and Northwestern teams by a combined four points. On the other hand, they have losses to Purdue and Illinois this year. Rutgers is coming off a hellish three-game stretch against some of the Big Ten's elite. And you know what? I'm actually feeling pretty good. There's really nowhere to go but up. The margin for error to make a bowl game is nearly nonexistent (but not totally, as you can read about right here), so I like to think the pressure will light a fire under this team. Carroo's potential return should help give the offense the spark it's been lacking since the Indiana game, and Laviano and Co. will certainly need it with Nebraska riding some serious momentum. Call me delusional, but the combination of playing a 4-6 team at home with their backs against the wall will be enough to propel the Scarlet Knights to victory and keep their bowl hopes alive. Rutgers 38, Nebraska 34

Andy Egan: The Huskers are a couple of last-minute heartbreaks away from having about three more wins than their record shows. I think, like everyone we have played recently, Nebraska is going to score points in bunches. But CARROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (just practicing for tomorrow) is likely back, and I think Rutgers scores a bunch tomorrow too. This Huskers D is nowhere near as bad-ass as Michigan's or Ohio State's or Wisconsin's. I think this game is more like Indiana than Michigan. Rutgers 42, Nebraska 38.