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How many "Quality Wins" does Kyle Flood have in his 4 years as the Rutgers head coach?

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Kyle Flood is in his 4th year as the head coach of Rutgers head coach. 4 years is a good sample size to measure his success as a head coach. Since this article will focus on quality wins, here is one stat to keep in mind: Kyle Flood has a record of 0-8 against ranked teams.



The win against Tulane was embarrassing. The win against Howard was unimpressive. The win against USF was decent at the time, but USF finished 3-9. The win against Arkansas was great, even though the Razorbacks finished at 4-8. Any road win against an SEC team is impressive, especially one that was ranked in the top-10 to start the season. UConn is Uconn, I need not say more. Beating Syracuse was actually a sneaky good win. The Orange went 8-5 and had wins against Pitt and @ Missouri. They upset #10 Louisville at home and beat the crap out of West Virginia is the Pinstripe Bowl. Temple was awful, and I don't want to talk about Kent State. Army is Army, but beating Cincy on the road was very impressive. Rutgers then failed to close out sole posession of the Big East title by crapping the bed against PItt and the Teddy Bridgewater's bad ankle. I'll give Kyle Flood 3 quality wins, Arkansas, Syracuse, and Cincy.

Quality Win Count: 3



In my opinion, this was the worst Rutgers team since 2004. Losing to Fresno State was heartbreaking, and Rutgers followed it up with 4 straight wins. However, Norfolk State is FCS, Eastern Michigan might as well be FCS, Arkansas was bad once again, but SMU was a bowl team. However, Rutgers has a 21-point lead in the 4th quarter and blew it. It took them 3 OTs to sneak out the win on a Justin Goodwin TD. No shame in losing to Louisville on the road, who turned out to be a top-10 caliber team. Rutgers then proceeded to get the sh*t kicked out them 3 of the next 4 games, to AAC teams. Rutgers needed a whole lot of luck to get by a 2-10 Temple team at home. After the blowouts, The Scarlet Knights committed the 8th deadly sin: LOSING TO UCONN!!! Throw in crappy win against a crappier USF team and an awful bowl game performance and you have a 6-7 team with NO quality wins.

Quality Win Count: 3



This is the best Rutgers season since 2006. The win at Wazzu was great, but not quality by my standards, as the Cougs went 3-9 that year. Howard was a poor showing, and that is on Flood for taking the starters out so early. Two weeks later, Rutgers had a great win against a Navy team that would go 8-5 with a bowl win. Gary Nova lit it up against Tulane and Michigan, but both teams were not successful at year's end. Blowout. Blowout. Blowout. Cupcake win. Blowout. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds a lot like 2015.

After stunning bowl-eligible Maryland on the road, Rutgers earned an invite to the Quick Lane Bowl, where they played their best game in 3 years and blew out UNC, who happens to be 8-1 and ranked 17th this year. 2 quality wins to end the year.

Quality Win Count: 5



The reason I am posting this now is because there are no more opportunities for quality wins this year. Up next for the Scarlet Knights are Nebraska (4-6), Army (2-7), and Maryland (2-7).

The only quality win up for discussion is Indiana. We can all understand why Norfolk State and Kansas aren't up for discussion. At this point, Indiana is 4-5 but closes out the season against Purdue and Maryland. I think they will get to a bowl, and if they don't, it will be because of Rutgers. For this reason, I will give Flood one last quality win.

Quality Win Count: 6


This is the percentage of wins that can be considered quality for Kyle Flood. 6/25. Not good.

Power 5 Bowl Teams

While discussing Kyle Flood, my father brought up his lack of success against CURRENT P5 teams that made a bowl game in the year that Rutgers beat them. The wins are:

  • Syracuse (2012)
  • Maryland (2014)
  • UNC (2014)
  • Indiana (2015, pending, likely)
At most, Indiana included, Kyle Flood has beaten 4 P5 teams that have made a bowl game. What is 4 divided by 25? 16%. Back to that hideous figure now: 4. In the past 4 years, Kyle Flood has 4 such wins. In 2014, Ohio State had 9, NINE. That is more than twice as many as Kyle Flood, in only 1/4 the timespan. Wisconsin had 7 and Michigan State had 6 of those wins in 2014. The best number yet? Bo Pelini of Nebraska had 4 such wins in 2014, Kyle Flood's 4 year total, and was fired.
Hopefully this helps provided some insight into flawed coaching records and what types of wins really matter.

All schedules courtesy of ESPN