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Voting for a coach: Round of 16 - Narduzzi vs. Brock

We only have a few HC vs HC matchups. This is an interesting one...for several reasons

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Two head coaches.  Very different places.  An interesting and entertaining combination.

Knockout Round 6

Dave Brock, Delaware, Head Coach

The 48-year old Dave Brock is a south Jersey product, and attended school at Salisbury State.  In his three years at Delaware, he is 14-14.

Brock was with Flood at RU for a year as offensive coordinator in 2012, not an offensive power house, but a team that still went 9-4.  He's had stints at Boston College, K-State (OC), and North Carolina (Assistant HC/recruiting).  Brock is here primarily because of his eastern (and New Jersey) roots and his current HC Status.

For more on Brock, check here.

Pat Narduzzi, Pitt, Head Coach

His Pitt bio refers to him as "a rising star in the coaching profession, Pat Narduzzi annually entertained overtures from programs throughout the country."  And he certainly had his name bandied around these parts the last year or two.  And he's back now.

Interestingly, the "rising star" will turn 50 next April.

A major stumbling block is that Narduzzi just got to Pitt, so he'd be leaving after one year.  Not unheard of, but coaches tend not to do that unless they want their name mentioned in the same breath as Bobby Petrino.

And would he want to face Mark Dantonio, his old boss, each year?

Narduzzi was the DC under Dantonio for 14 years, both at Cincinnati and Michigan State.  That right there puts a crimp in our plans - he stayed with Dantonio for over a decade.  He's also from Ohio, just an hour from Pittsburgh, although his playing days were at Rhode Island, where he also served as DC for two years.

There's a lot playing against RU with PN, but as they say, no glory.

For more on Narduzzi, check here.







Tomorrow:  The Round of 16 concludes and you will be intrigued