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Voting for a coach: Round of 16 - Campbell vs. Moglia

It's the young genius versus the old master and re-inventor of himself. Holy Toledo, this is interesting...I mean really intriguing.

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Knockout Round 4

Matt Campbell, Toledo, Head Coach

Matt Campbell is 35.  Greg Schiano was 35 when he led the Knights out of the tunnel for the first time.

He is close with - and respected by - Urban Meyer, as evidenced by this story:

As Matt Campbell closed in on becoming the new football coach at the University of Toledo in 2011, he sought advice from an unlikely confidant.

The guy trying to hire him away.

For Urban Meyer, it was a rare recruiting miss. More than three years later, the Ohio State coach revealed that Toledo's major gain was also his loss.

The Rockets' back-to-back wins against Arkansas and Iowa State have not only enlarged the national profile of Campbell and his big-dreaming program but uncovered a fascinating alternative history.

In praising the success of Toledo, Meyer said he tried to hire Campbell for his first coaching staff at Ohio State.

Currently he is 7-1 at Toledo, and carries a 33-14 record as the boss of the Rockets.  As a coach, he's been primarily a MAC guy, only moving away from #MACtion for a two year stint as OC at his Alma Mater, Mount Union.  Yeah, OC, for a guy who played linebacker in college.  So, the linebacker turned coach currently has a team that averages almost 36 ppg while yielding only 18.  And they average about 460 yards per game.  In the MAC, that puts them fourth in scoring offense and first in scoring defense.

For more on Campbell, check here.

Joe Moglia, Coastal Carolina, Head Coach

And now for something completely different.

How many of you are in your dream job?  How many of you would give up your very successful career to pursue that dream?  Enter Joe Moglia.  Moglia's story is so unique, he earned himself a feature story on 60 Minutes Sports.

He was born in New York City and attended Fordham as an undergrad.His official title is Head Coach/Executive Director for Football.  That says a lot.  He's a bit older than many might want; he turns 67 next April.  But what he has done at Coastal Carolina says a lot, too.  He was 32-10 coming into the 2015 season, the first three years of FCS football for the Chanticleers (which was the name of the Rutgers' teams until the 50's).  The Chants are 8-1 right now and ranked in the FCS Top 25.  But the real twist was that he was the CEO of TD Ameritrade, and gave it up to coach college football.  Looking for passion?

For more on Moglia, check here.










Tomorrow: Some very familiar names