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Voting for a coach: Round of 16 - Diaco vs. Carty

Young. Energetic. One was "seeded" here, the other had to earn his way through the "coach-in", topping an FCS head coach.

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Well, Matt Rhule is certainly a popular guy.  But today is a new day.

I really hadn't planned on having a New England Regional.  But here are two coaches, currently plying their trade nahwth of New Yahwk. Trust me, that was supposed to be a phonetic spelling of a New England accent saying north and York.  But I digress.

Knockout Round 3

Bob Diaco, Connecticut, Head Coach

Bob Diaco took a good deal of heat for creating a rivalry trophy.....without telling the other team about it.  But then, he has won both of those games, so.....

But currently, the Huskies are a not-so-horrible 5-5, 3-3 in the AAC.  But this season the Huskies have played games with final scores of 7-3 and 9-6; if you think some of RU's games have been unwatchable, well.....

Diaco was lured to Storrs and away from Notre Dame.  He attended and played football at Iowa (Big Ten roots) and he grew up in Cedar Grove, a mere 26 miles from High Point Solutions Stadium.  He was the Irish DC for four seasons, and was awarded the Frank Broyles Award in 2012, given to the top assistant college football coach in the country.  That year, his defense was in the top ten nationally in 12 categories.  Along with a heavy dose of MAC coaching experience, he was at Cincinnati and Virginia.

How many of you think he would hit the escape button to jump from the AAC to the B1G after just two years?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  He turns 43 just a few days after NLI Signing Day.

For more on Diaco, check here

Ryan Carty, New Hampshire, Offensive Coordinator

He beat out Fordham's Joe Moorhead to get here.  And let it be known, that in the early going, Moorhead - a head coach - had a fairly comfortable lead in the tallies.  But the youth (just 30) and being an offensive guy seemed to win out for the New Jersey native.

For more on Carty, check here and here.

Later today: Campbell vs. Moglia