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Voting for a coach: Round of 16 - Leipold vs. Durkin

The next pairing in the round of 16 - a head coach moving up to D1 and a young DC.

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Knockout Round 2

Lance Leipold, Buffalo, Head Coach

Would a coach leave a MAC school after one year to get a shot in the Big Ten?  That would be the situation with the Bulls' Leipold.

The 51-year old Leipold is making the jump from D3 to D1, granted at G5 school. But his history is astounding and worth a long, hard look.  In eight seasons, the guy went 109-6 and won six national titles at Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Six! According to the UB website, Leipold reached 100 career victories faster than any other coach in NCAA history - at any level.

He's a cheese head from the get go, having two degrees from Wiconsin-Whitewater and beginning his coaching career there.  The rest of his experience is at the D3 level as well.

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D.J. Durkin, Michigan, Defensive Coordinator

Durkin will turn 38 in January.  He's prime.  But similar to Leipold, would he leave a job after just one year?  He was the DC at Florida for two years after three there as Linebackers/Special Teams Coordinator. He's a midwesterner, born in Youngstown and going to college at Bowling Green. But his pedigree is very good, if not long.  He has stints at prominent schools (Stanford with Harbaugh, Notre Dame) so he's learned from the best.

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