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Rutgers star Leonte Carroo has been reinstated!

Yesterday the restraining order was thrown out and the assault charges were dropped. Today his suspension was lifted. Leonte Carroo is back!!!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It has been three and half weeks since Leonte Carroo was involved in an incident outside the stadium after the loss to Washington State.  He was arrested for simple assault related to domestic violence and suspended indefinitely. With all that has happened so far in the 2015 Rutgers football season, there wasn't much hope that Carroo would be seen in scarlet again this season and ultimately, his career.  As the weeks went by, we heard from his lawyer that he was innocent, saw a shaky video that was hard to make out, and most everyone hoped for the sake of his own future that the allegations were false.

Today we finally have good news!!!!  That's right, good news and Rutgers football haven't been much of a match these days.  But it is true, Leonte Carroo has had his suspension lifted and he is back on the active roster.  The first bit of good news was that the restraining order against him, requested by the alleged victim of the incident, was thrown out of court yesterday morning.  Then came word of the assault charges being dismissed last night. The logical next step was that Carroo's suspension from the football program would be lifted and he would be reinstated. Rutgers just made that official!!

Ryan Dunleavy was on the Carroo news early today and has a detailed summary here.

There is no word on the charges against Carroo's mother and girlfriend, or the status of the other party, in regards to her well being.  Hopefully, she and Carroo can put this unfortunate chain of events behind them.  From Dunleavy's article, when she was asked in court today as to why she agreed to throw out the restraining order, "I'm not scared. I don't think it's necessary at this point."  Carroo was ordered to attend six one-hour anger management sessions, as part of the agreement for the assault charges to be dropped.

In terms of football, we finally have some good news after a month plus of anything but. We now have our best player and captain back for the last eight games of the season!!!  It is tremendous from a football perspective and it is a much needed elixir for the morale and mental state of this football team.  Can Carroo's presence alter the path of the season for the better?  We don't know for sure but this is what we do know, Carroo is the best player on Rutgers and the best wide receiver in the Big Ten.  He is also an important ally for quarterback Chris Laviano and has the ability to make him better.  At a minimum, Laviano will have more confidence in the huddle with #4 staring back at him. Even better, now with Carroo, Laviano will have more confidence to throw downfield and open up the offense.

This could not have come at a better time, coming off the bye week with #4 Michigan State visiting for the annual blackout game on Saturday.  If Rutgers is going to achieve what they had hoped entering the season, or come even close, the time is now.  Their leader and best player is back.  I look forward to the first "Caaa-rrooo" chant on Saturday, hopefully with many more to follow the rest of this season.