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Let's talk about.....anything but Rutgers

It's Spanning the College World again. We need to stop looking inward, stop wringing our hands and gnashing our teeth, and consider the rest of the world of sports.

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A tip o' the hat to our friends on the farm

Okay, we don't have seven gazillion cows in New Jersey like Nebraska.  But we do honor those who put on their overalls.

Big Ten Football Players of the week

Offensive Player of the Week
Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State - Jr., RB

Co-Defensive Players of the Week
Desmond King, Iowa - Jr., DB

Joe Schobert, Wisconsin - Sr., LB

Special Teams Player of the Week
Sam Foltz, Nebraska - Jr., P

Freshman of the Week
LJ Scott, Michigan State - RB

Jaoquin in the rain

Get it?  See what I did there?  Okay, moving on....

Duke and most of the south Atlantic region was in the path of heavy rains from the hurricane (Joaquin...get it?)  And they realized that the weather might impact their gate. So the smart folks in Durham decided to use the weather to determine ticket prices.

The Blue Devil ticket office was ready to give up to a 50% discount on tickets if the forecast was severe enough.

It's all about the Benjamins

As Rutgers continues to get subsidies to keep the athletic program going, and as it (im)patiently waits for Big Ten monies to start flowing, there are other schools that are doing a tad better.

Yet, for all that revenue, the net "profit" for the Tigers?  AU had a cash-basis net operating surplus of just $1.9 million.  That isn't a big margin.

Speaking of skating on thin ice....

The Rutgers Hockey team still hopes that at some point it can gain "varsity" status as a D1 sport at the university.  In other places, hockey flourishes and there will be a number of games played at some big time locales.

The Rock up in Newark would be a great place for a Rutgers-(fill in school) match up.

Idiots come in all shapes and sizes....and are all over

We've written here about behavior, especially the language thrown around by students at Rutgers.  But every now and then - and fortunately it is pretty rare - some jerk screws up an otherwise great day at the stadium.

So as people are prone to say, stay classy, Rutgers.

So, hoops doesn't always get treated well....elsewhere

Our Dave White has written - on many occasions - how Rutgers administration literally left men's basketball to whither on the vine On the Banks.  This being just one example.  But there are other places that have a love-hate relationship with coaches and sports.

We are not alone

We are a far cry from being close to Georgia in terms of football success and/or notoriety.  But all programs go through their ups and downs, and face challenges.  Like Rutgers.  And like UGA.

We like to poke the conference of the Bear regarding its ethics.  Georgia may be an exception:

"Georgia football has tried to do things the right way," said Richard Tucker, a member of the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents and a prominent supporter of the school’s athletic program. "UGA is more to me than just football."

Whether it’s academics, commitment to building high-end athletic facilities, marijuana testing policies or intolerance for off-field behavioral issues, the perception — and in many cases the reality — is that Georgia holds itself to a slightly higher standard than the programs it is compared with annually on the field.

That quote sounds a lot like the people writing comments around here.  Do it right.