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Big Ten Attendance: An IU sellout and UM helps out UMd

Three of the big stadiums were resting, but a couple of big time visitors helped boost crowds around the conference.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Conference play began and, as you might expect, attendance was up at a lot of locales.  Four schools, Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, and Wisconsin had season highs for fans in the seats.  Ironically, three of them also lost.

Week 5 10/3/15
School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Illinois 40,138 65,000 61.75 W Neb
Indiana * 52,929 52,929 100.00 W OSU
Maryland 51,802 54,000 95.93 L Mich
Mich St 74,418 75,005 99.22 W Purdue
Northwestern 30,044 47,130 63.75 W Minn
Penn State * 107,387 107,282 100.10 W Army
Wisconsin 80,933 80,321 100.76 L Iowa
Conf. Total 437,651
Conf. Average 62,522


They were 4-0.  They were hosting the No. 1 team in the country in a conference match up.  So.......

And they almost pulled off the upset.  Practically on one leg.  And the fans might have been ready to explode.

For the sake of the women and children of Bloomington, I'm sort of glad the Buckeyes prevailed.

Blackout coming....gotta pack the Point

Rutgers is coming off its lone bye week of the season.  The opponent, Michigan State, is ranked No. 3, 4 or maybe even No. 16!?!?  The last blackout game at Rutgers turned out to be a pretty good finish for the Knights.

Rutgers has yest to break the 50,000 mark in home attendance.  It's currently averaging 46,708.  The forecast for Saturday evening as of this writing is  pretty's football weather.

Will the blackout bring the fans out, too?  Let's go people!!

Growing Trend

The games get bigger and so do the crowds.  The Twerps hosting Michigan and the Hoosiers being 4-0 coming into the weekend helped boost the conference average, or at least keep it close to where it was.  There were only seven home games this week, with Michigan, Ohio State, and Nebraska, all over 90K stadiums, on the road.  So, still very good numbers.


The Orange were on a bye week.  UConn was on the road.  But never let it be said that we can't find something snarky to say in this segment.  In the Huskies first two home games against Villanova and Army, UConn drew 54,373 to PAWSARF.  One night in Provo against BYU gave them a view of 56,393.  How the other half lives.