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OTB Staff Predictions for Rutgers at Wisconsin

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Breitman: I've been hopeful for big games before this season, but I don't have a lot of faith heading into this one.  Wisconsin's defense is great and with Carroo's health a major question mark, I am not confident the offense will be able to move the ball consistently, let alone score much. Chris Laviano has led the Rutgers offense to a grand total of 3 points against Penn State and Ohio State, the top two defenses he has faced so far. Wisconsin is a top 10 defense nationally in multiple categories. Until Laviano and the offense can prove they can score on a great defense, I won't give them the benefit of the doubt.  I do think with Wisconsin's offense is so beat up that it gives our defense a chance to be competitive and keep the score close.  Our special teams has the ability to win games but haven't performed great recently.  I think Rutgers will play tough, ultimately wearing down against the Badgers, who will put it away with a late touchdown.  Wisconsin 21 Rutgers 10

Bob Cancro: Here we go again.  Carroo is dinged up.  Laviano loves throwing to Carroo.  Hmmm.  I don't see us winning this.  I also don't see us phoning it in.  I just don't believe that we have the manpower to go toe-to-toe.  The odds makers have us getting 19-20 points.  That's a lot.  I'm not a gambler but I might take that. In a never-ending repeat of myself, if we can run the ball, we can make a game of this, or at least keep things under control.  We also need to get some pressure on the QB.  Any pressure would be nice.  Wisconsin 28  Rutgers 10

Griffin Whitmer: This has all the makings for an ugly game, as Rutgers' offense faces Wisconsin's stout defense, while the porous Rutgers defense will be going up against Wisconsin's lackluster offense. Wisconsin scares me becuase of what they did to Rutgers last year, at Rutgers. Regardless of their offense, that defense is pretty damn good and will control this game. Wisconsin 31-14 Rutgers

Kelly Montagna: There is little to look forward to for Rutgers fans in this game on Saturday. Wisconsin is posting a strong 7-2 record, with their only losses coming against Iowa and Alabama. Their defense has been stout all season, only allowing 11 points per game. This won't bode well for Rutgers, who was completely embarrassed by the Badgers, 37-0, last season. I'm not expecting this Rutgers squad to get shut out, but it may be close to that. Wisconsin 45-10

Dave White: I don't know much about Wisconsin but they have a great defense and a great home field advantage.  If Carroo plays, maybe Rutgers can make this a game.  But I don't know if he will.  Wisconsin 35 Rutgers 13

Ray Ransom: I'm looking for a great game in a rowdy environment. I've been told by our Off Tackle Empire brethren that the Wisconsin folks enjoy a good fete. Given that this game falls on All Hallows' Eve, I suspect the crowd in attendance will be pretty wild. I don't think Rutgers will be able to keep up with Wisky, but I think it will be more competitive than last year. The Badgers win a shootout, but the Knights continue to build respect. Wisconsin 45, Rutgers 33

Scott Logan: Pretty much our only saving grace here is that Wisco is pretty banged up. And against Power 5 schools, Wisconsin hasn't scored more than 24 points this year, including games against lackluster Purdue and Illinois. Most would consider the first nine games of the Badgers' season to be a disappointment, but that's definitely relative considering their only two losses have been to supremely talented Alabama and Iowa teams. Rutgers is not Alabama and Iowa. As Dave said above, if Carroo plays, maybe this game is competitive, but even if he does, it sounds like he'll be at less than 100%. What scares (Halloween!) me most is the defense. Even with the Badgers' relatively tame offense, their excellent defense (8th nationally in total defense, 2nd nationally in scoring defense) is enough to make up for it. Who knows, maybe Wisconsin's elite defense will shut down Laviano so bad, we'll get a longer look at Hayden Rettig (Yup. I went there). Wisconsin 28, Rutgers 14