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Why Rutgers can't risk firing Kyle Flood, regardless of how the season ends

A completely 100% hypothetical piece

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When Miami fired Al Golden, it dawned on me: there will be too many open jobs this offseason better than Rutgers. The nail is certainly not yet in the coffin in regards to Kyle Flood's job, but it is pretty evident he is on the hot seat. However, if Rutgers lets Flood go, they would have to follow up with a home run hire, with the budget of a minor league team.

100% open jobs 100% better than Rutgers


Great fan base, great campus, money, money, money, talent, great recruiting area, girls, what more could you ask for at a college? USC can hire whoever they want due to their bottomless budget and any head coach would be crazy to go Rutgers over USC.

USCe (South Carolina)

Same exact situation as their western namesakes, give or take some talent on the team. However, Steve Spurrier turned that program into a powerhouse and it won't take a lot of convincing to get a coach to Columbia.


Maryland is very similar to Rutgers in regards to success and recruiting wealth. However, Maryland is Oregon-East which means they have buckets of money coming in from Under Armour. Maryland's athletic department is essentially Rutgers with more money.


Al Golden actually did a great job getting The U through a really tough time, but just was not a great X's and O's football coach. The U is going to make a splash because they are Miami and even their famous alumni have pledged to get back on the sidelines for a new coach.

Likely open jobs 100% better than Rutgers

Virginia Tech

The legendary Frank Beamer has stayed one year too long, and is likely out the door after this season. Some people have rumored that his son is set to take over, but Tech may want a fresh start and have the money, facilities, and talent to do so.


Mike London is as good as gone, and I'm not sure why they are letting him finish the season. Virginia has a beautiful campus, great academics, and a decent amount of money where they can clearly pay more money for a head coach than Rutgers.

West Virginia

Dana Holgerson has stayed about 3 years too long in Morgantown, and has yet to win a conference game this year. The team has a history of crashing and underperforming late in seasons. If 2015 doesn't turn around fast, Holgerson is done. WVU has plenty of money, an incredible fan base, and lots of women and alcohol.

Other open jobs/likely to be open after 2015-16 season

These jobs are at or below the allure of the head coaching job at Rutgers

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa State
  • Purdue
  • UCF

What makes Rutgers a "poor" job

Look no further than the subtitle: Rutgers just does not have a lot of money to spend on a head coach. It seems like all the hot names will be courted by the big boys and guys like Justin Fuente will be way out of Rutgers' price range. In addition, a head coach coming to Rutgers won't inherit an elite load of talent. Although the Rutgers roster is loaded with young talent, teams like USC, USCe, and Miami are loaded with great players.

What it means for Rutgers

In essence, there are too many "better" jobs than Rutgers at Power 5 schools that can easily offer more many than Rutgers. From what I know, this has got to be the most quality head coaching jobs open in a long time. As I just mentioned, the Rutgers job is not very attractive. It doesn't seem like Rutgers would be able to go out and get a great head coach with their budget, let alone their competition. It just doesn't seem like it is Rutgers' year to go and get a head coach.