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Rutgers looks to upset top-ranked Ohio State // Game Preview

Do the Scarlet Knights stand a chance against the top ranked team in the country?


When J.T. Barrett is under center never near the center but on the field, Ohio State is at their best. He torched Rutgers for 360+ yards and 5 total TDs last year at the Horseshoe. However, that was a day game in Columbus.

On Saturday nights under the lights of Rutgers Stadium, the Scarlet Knights transform into a completely different team. They had no business being in a game with Michigan State, but they hung in there and had a chance until the clock hit zero. The bottom line is that Rutgers can play with anyone in the country on their home turf during night games. Expect the Scarlet Knights to bring their "A" game.

Opposing Player Spotlight

DE Joey Bosa, 6-6 276

As much damage as JT Barrett can do to a defense, Bosa will do twice as much to an offense. J.J. Denman has struggled against the pass rush this year and got dominated by Shilique Calhoun of Michigan State. Unfortunately for Denman, Bosa is even better. Bosa is a mini-JJ Watt, with his size and skill set allowing him to play any position on the line. However, he will primarily be line up on the edge where he is most dangerous. Denman is going to need help from Chris Muller in order to contain the All-American who was arguably the country's best overall player last year. If Rutgers can contain Bosa, their chances at a win will skyrocket.

How Rutgers Wins


Turnovers were the main reason Rutgers was able to beat Indiana last week. They scored TDs off of all 3 second half turnovers by the Hoosiers, including 2 interceptions. Rutgers can't let Ohio State get into an offensive groove or it will be a repeat of the 3rd quarter against the Hoosiers.

Kemoko Turay....where you at tho?

Turay needs to get back on his 2014 game or he might as well sit the bench. He has been ineffective in defense and will need to step up against OSU's elite offense.


Anything can happen on a Saturday night in Piscataway...

How Rutgers Loses

JT Barrett

Barrett has big play potential and could put this game away quickly. The entire feel of this game will fall on his shoulders, as he can be held responsible for the functioning of the OSU offense as well as the emotions of the diehard Rutgers fans.

By playing the best game they have played in the past 5 years

I have to be a realist here, Rutgers can play the best game they've ever played and still lose this game. Ohio State is ranked #1 for a reason and can beat anyone with their best game.

Game Specifics

Ohio State @ Rutgers | Rutgers Stadium, Piscataway, NJ | 8pm | ABC

Since it's the biggest game of the year....

Don't read too much into negativity. I am not rooting against the Scarlet Knights but also have to be aware of how good Ohio State is. I think Rutgers has a decent chance to win but they will need help from the fans and from the Buckeyes hopefully messing up.

Forget Ohio State for a second though, there is only one thing that we as a fan base can do to give Rutgers a great chance of upsetting the top-ranked team in the country: