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Knight Caps: a bit of this and that from Rutgersland

Women's soccer keeps rockin', the state basketball tourney returns to RU, Eric Legrand keeps being Eric, and more as we cap your week with the Knights.

Women's Soccer scooping up the hardware....or whatever they get for this

We led off yesterday's Spanning the College World with news about women's soccer. Let's dig deeper.

Rutgers women's soccer sophomore goalkeeper Casey Murphy collected a slew of weekly honors this week, highlighted by being named the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) National Women's Division I Player of the Week. 

The Scarlet Knight was also named to the Player of the Week, and Big Ten Conference Defensive Player of the Week following her two clean sheets over the weekend, including shutouts against Ohio State (Oct. 15) then-No. 9 Penn State (Oct. 18).

"To be recognized by your peers for your hard work and ability is a huge honor," said head coach Mike O'Neill. "All the ladies on our team will be the first to tell you that every individual award someone receives in our program is always a team award. We're really proud to be recognized on a national stage. The coaches, program, and University are very proud."

In addition to Murphy, two other Rutgers women's soccer players were honored by the Big Ten Conference Tuesday for outstanding performances in a 2-0 weekend for the Scarlet Knights, the most in a single week for the program.

Sophomore forward Colby Ciarrocca was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week, goalkeeper Casey Murphy was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, and freshman defender Adora Moneme was named Big Ten Co-Freshman of the Week, it was announced Tuesday.

And the hits just keep on coming

The pulse of the fan

I now know who created it - Robert Roselli, the fan experience guy at RU - or how they're going to go forward, but they need to keep this one going.  Sound on!!

Rutgers and the community....and promoting itself

Back in August, it looked as if the state high school basketball championships would not be played at the RAC.  Money, logistics, the reason wasn't important.  But getting the games back was.  And it's done.

The important thing is that the PR value of having the games at Rutgers was too great not to get it done.  And apparently both sides were able to make it happen.

"We're glad things worked out and we'll be able to bring the games back to Rutgers this year," Steven Timko the NJSIAA's executive director, said in the release. "Rutgers proved to be an accommodating partner."

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Think about Rutgers' football alum Tiquan Underwood.  What comes to mind?  Of course, his hair.  And apparently the well-traveled pro is still at it....with gusto.

Yes, it's the state university.....really

No, it isn't NJSU or UNJ.  It's Rutgers.  And it is the state university.  And on more than one occasion fans on this site have offered their thoughts about how to reinforce that point.  Like putting "New Jersey" in one of the endzones.  Or putting an outline of the state somewhere on the helmet.  How about how Old Dominion - a public university - handled the situation?

If we insist on playing around with uniforms, make it count.  And, yes, that is a lion inside the state of Virginia.

Five years later, he still smiles and still inspires

It was October 16, 2010, just over five years ago, that Eric Legrand took his last step on his own. At least for now.  Eric and his bELieve foundation have been working tirelessly to raise funds for spinal cord research and understanding.  On the fifth anniversary of his injury, there's an easy way to help.  All you need is your cell phone.

Play today, prepare for tomorrow

Every athlete knows - at least at some point - that their competitive life will eventually come to an end.  Sports only takes you so far, and after that, you'd better be ready to face the realities of no longer being a "pampered athlete".  Like many schools, Rutgers conducts programs to help athletes transition from college athlete to "private citizen". The Rutgers Leadership Academy is a big part of that.

You can't spell character without an R

Hoosier Hype....and I want to copy it

I'm not sure what they do with these posters, but they're kinda cool.  And not just for Homecoming.  Apparently the athletic department prints them and, I guess they get posted around campus.  I'd be collecting them.  But that's another story.  An example.....

And a very good one for our game last Saturday.  I think we need these.  Create the tRadition.

Major rec for Monty Python reference.

This week's Moment of Zen

Go ahead....enjoy this one.  Over and over and ov......