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Spanning the Collegiate World: Interesting updates along with B1G Weekly Honors

The Big Ten announced its football Players of the Week, and New Jersey is in the house! But just not for Rutgers. And we have a bunch of other nifty stuff to check out in this week's digest of college info.

Soccer....Girls Rule!

We didn't want to wait until Knight Caps.  Big news deserves front page attention.

We'll have mote in depth coverage in tomorrow's Knight Caps.

Big Ten Football Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week

Akrum Wadley, Iowa, So., RB, Newark, N.J./Weequahic

Defensive Player of the Week

Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State, Sr., DE, Middletown, N.J./Middletown North

Special Teams Player of the Week

Jalen Watts-Jackson, Michigan State, So., DB

Freshman of the Week

T.J. Edwards, Wisconsin, LB

Maybe the black was for the funeral

I understand that black goes with everything.  Even if it's not in your color scheme.  But sometimes you just need to pass.  Like UCLA.

The deep sky blue and gold is iconic.  All those hoops titles under John Wooden.  Playing in the Rose your home field.  The tradition.  Then....

It isn't part of your history or your color scheme.  Although after getting pummeled by Stanford, 56-35, it might be for the pall that has come over Westwood.

And time at band camp....

I like college bands.  I think they are a big part of the experience of a college game day.  I'm very happy the Pride of New Jersey got new uniforms.  And the bands deserve their moment in the sun...or in this case, under the lights.

Yes, I'm perseverating on uniforms

I'm generally a traditionalist.  Ohio State in my lifetime, or at least as much as I recall, has worn red jerseys at home with silver helmets....with marijuana leaf stickers.  But their all black uniforms for the Penn State game were pretty outrageous.  Take a look.

And sometimes the new unis actually honor the past

Illinois does sometimes have nice things.  Sometimes you need to go back to football's Golden Age in the 20's and 30's to find an example like Red Grange. Illinois' Galloping Ghost is being recognized again with the Illini's Gray Ghost uniforms.  I'll tip my hat on that one.

Oh, those wacky conference Twitter guys

I doubt you'll see the PAC 12 taking shots at the Big XII or the Big Ten poking fun at the SEC on their Twitter accounts.  Or maybe you would.  But among the G5, things are a little looser. As seen here.

Just enter promo code PUNTER....that's PUNTER

If you got a dollar for every time you saw an ad for a fantasy football "daily league", you wouldn't need the'd have made a fortune.  And fantasy sports has been accepted by most of the pro leagues.  Draft Kings, for example, sponsors the "fantasy stats" on the video board at Met Life Stadium.  Yet, the NFL - and other leagues - oppose legalized gambling.  Oh, right, this isn't gambling [snort...guffaw]

For my money, all these "daily" leagues are little more than gambling under another name.  And in Nevada, the state folks who run gambling there feel the same way, as they shut down the two big guns - Fan Duel and Draft Kings - unless they apply for and get gaming licenses.

With the exception of the NBA, the pro leagues and the NCAA have opposed legalized sports betting (just a tad hypocritical, I'd say).  That may be coming to an end as the courts have reopened the New Jersey sports betting case.

The estimate is that $95 billion - yes, with a B - will be bet this year on college and pro football.  And most of it will be done illegally.  But the court decision has made RU grad and friend of RU sports Ray Lesniak a very happy man:

Maybe that legal bet is just around the corner.