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Big Ten Attendance: Four set weekly record for fans

So, Rutgers as a Homecoming opponent didn't thrill the Hoosier faithful (and I use that term loosely). But the battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy filled the place...and left everyone gasping at the end.

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Some 439,000 people went through the gates to watch six Big Ten contests this weekend.  That's an average of 73,287 per game.  Of course, having Michigan filling the Big House and the Buckeyes hosting (most inhospitably) the Nitty Kitties helped the numbers.  But Minnesota is shoe-horning people into TCF Bank Stadium and Northwestern's homecoming even helped the 'Cats break 40,000 for the first time in 2015.

Who was there and who wasn't

I'm not sure what the Gophers are doing, but this is the third time in three home games that they have exceeded capacity.  Good for them!  Northwestern did well on Homecoming, at least in terms of attendance.  And Indiana is apparently looking forward to basketball season, at least when they aren't crying and defending themselves about writing nasty things about Rutgers. And in the battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy, the fans of Sparty were happy to help fill the Big House as they carried away the rivalry trophy for the third straight year and seventh time in eight years.

Week 7 in the Big Ten

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Michigan 111,740 109901 101.67 L MSU
Ohio State 108,423 104,944 103.32 W PSU
Wisconsin 80,794 80321 100.59 W Purdue
Minnesota 54,062 50805 106.41 L Nebraska
Northwestern 44,135 47130 93.65 L Iowa
Indiana 40,567 52929 76.64 L Rutgers
Conf Total 439721
Conf Avrage 73,287

Are we filling the place?

Last week, a commenter asked to see what the percent capacity on the season looked like.  You ask, we provide.

School Season Total Capacity Average School % Capacity
Minnesota 160,802 50,805 53,601 Minnesota 105.5
Ohio State 533,655 104,944 106,731 Ohio State 101.7
Michigan State 300,373 75,005 75,093 Michigan State 100.1
Michigan 549,466 109,901 109,893 Michigan 100.0
Wisconsin 396,248 80,321 79,250 Wisconsin 98.7
Nebraska 359,566 92,000 89,892 Nebraska 97.7
Penn State 496,755 107,282 99,351 Penn State 92.6
Rutgers 190,498 52,454 47,625 Rutgers 90.8
Iowa 245,820 70,585 61,455 Iowa 87.1
Indiana 215,899 52,929 43,180 Indiana 81.6
Maryland 163,078 54,000 40,770 Maryland 75.5
Northwestern 169,441 47,130 33,888 Northwestern 71.9
Purdue 153,857 62,500 38,464 Purdue 61.5
Illinois 158,930 65,000 39,733 Illinois 61.1
4,094,388 1,024,856 65,638 87.6

If you like graphs and charts, look at it this way:

Rutgers is giving a good accounting of itself, right in the middle of the pack and just ahead of the conference average. The big dogs are still packing them in.  It is for this reason that I really hesitate to even think about stadium expansion.  When you're at 97-99% capacity for ten years in a row and you've got the secondary market listing your tickets for Osh-Kosh Tech at two to three times face value, then I'll talk about adding seats.

Lose your coach, add 9,000 fans

Just for curiosity, I took a look at South Carolina the home game before and after Steve Spurrier's departure.  Against Mizzou two weeks ago, the Gamecocks drew 66,251 to Coumbia.  The week after the Head Ball Coach retired/resigned/got tired of losing, they drew 75,159.  Both were SEC tilts.  Who knows....


Yes, we will continue to dump on UConn.  It is still fun, it is still appropriate....until such time as we don't need to find someone to look down on.

UCONN Attendance
Pratt & Whitney Field at Rentschler Field
Opponent Attendance Capacity % Capacity
Villanova 26,113 40,642 64.25
Army 28,260 40,642 69.53
Navy 33,204 40,642 81.70
USF 31,719 40,642 78.04
Home Total 119,296 40,642 73.38
Home Ave 29,824 40,642 73.38

And the comparison.....

Both have had four home games, so there is equal footing.  Thank you (again!), Mr. Delany.