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Rutgers vs Indiana: Looking back at the keys to the game

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Rutgers victory over Indiana, I decided to take a look back at my preview and see how the keys to the game played out.

How Rutgers Wins

Score more points than Indiana

I was mocked for this point, even though this part seemed to be 100% correct:

Rutgers will just have to get the ball with the perfect amount of time left on the clock.

This game did in fact turn into a shootout, and Rutgers did in fact get the ball back with just the perfect amount of time to kick the game-winning field goal.

Control Time of Possession

In the 4th quarter, Rutgers dominated possession, holding the ball for the majority of the period, and running an unstoppable offense. In the whole game, Rutgers controlled possession at an advantage of 35:25 minutes. The key was keeping the ball out of the hands of Nate Sudfeld late in the game.


"Trust. Belief. Accountability"

Ben McDaniels gave Chris Laviano plenty of opportunities to throw the ball down the field and Laviano rewarded him. He completed 2 long touchdowns to Leonte Carroo, as well as two great throws to Andre Patton, and a bomb to Carlton Agudosi in which the 6'6" receiver Mossed the DB and nearly scored. Rutgers needs more spread formations with Carroo, Agudosi, and Patton on the field all at the same time. This would without a doubt create serious matchup problems.

How Rutgers Loses

Secondary returns to "Wazzu form"

Well, this was just about as spot on as it could be for the majority of the game. Until the end of the third quarter, the secondary was playing worse than they did against Washington State. Adding insult to injury--to insult, both Blessuan Austin and Kiy Hester left the game with injuries. However, the secondary turned into the L.O.B., picking off Nate Sudfeld twice and being a huge reason why Rutgers got so many points late in the game.

Stupid penalties

No false starts. No illegal formations. No kickoffs out of bounds. No holding penalties on 3rd down. No chop blocks. No personal fouls. None of that crap. Please.

There was absolutely none of this, and it proved key in this game. The only flag was a clear holding penalty on Dorian Miller that sprung a big run. Rutgers played incredibly disciplined and and turned out victorious, who would've guessed?!?!


Essentially, this is the 5-yard out route on 3rd and 8. Please none of this.

Once again, there was absolutely none of this. On their final drive, Chris Laviano handed the ball off to Robert Martin III, threw past the sticks to Carlton Agudosi, and hit Agudosi right on the sticks in each of their key third downs on that drive. This was yet another thing Rutgers did not do that helped them win this game