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OTB Staff reactions to the 25 point comeback against Indiana

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Griffin Whitmer: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Believe me, I would not be gloating like this if Indiana fans weren't talking as much as they did about Rutgers.


Too bad they don't know about SB Nation's sarcasm font.




Andy Egan: Rutgers followed one of the worst quarters they have played in a while with one of the best, going for 200 yds in the 4th, and the D finally put together a few stops. Laviano looked pretty good all day, and Carroo is a savage. Can we please find a way to get Agudosi on the field at the same time as number 4? I like the attempts to get the ball in Janarion's hands in space through little pop passes to the flat. Also like that Flood finally rode the hot hand at RB and got away from the rigid rotation, but it took too long. Defense: no. Just no. Marshmallow soft most of the day, but at least some of that is Sudfeld being really really good. Wharton stepped up with a huge pick after getting picked on early in the day. Stronga Longa is still a beast and made plays all day. Where the hell has Kemoko Turay been all year? Nice scoop and score on the punt miscue. No D-lineman I would rather see trying to pick up a football and run with it. Overall, this team has showed a lot of heart and guts the last two weeks, and that's something in the plus column when evaluating Coach Flood. No quit in these men, and that makes them easy to root for. Keep chopping RU!! #1 in national prime time coming to R house next week!

Bob Cancro: I hate my schedule. Couldn't watch the game, couldn't read those idiotic rantings from Kyle Robbins til after the game either. Which made it even better. It is very, very clear that this team will go through hell for Kyle Flood. You have to be incrediby proud of them. An unbelievable defensive performance when it counted. A great offensive response when they should have been totally deflated. And ABC obviously liked it, too. Hey Kyle R, what time is the next Indiana game on and which channel? And, no, not hoops.

Scott Logan: Now that it's happened in back-to-back seasons, is Rutgers going to make coming back from a 25-point deficit an annual thing? Let's get the kvetching out of the way first. The secondary was awful for most of the day, and remains our defense's biggest flaw. I still get the feeling Laviano is sometimes afraid to throw downfield unless it's to Carroo, which is concerning (although props to him on that nice throw to Patton in the second quarter). And Carroo got hurt. But everything else? WOOO! Laviano played well enough and made the throws he needed to keep us in the game. In the second half, Flood made the right call by riding the hot hand in Robert Martin. Kemoko Turay, who has been dormant all season, came to life on the touchdown that turned the game around. Even after Carroo went down, Carlton Agudosi stepped up in a big way. Simply put, this team went to work when they needed to most, and I think Kyle Flood's return had a lot to do with that. No matter how you may feel about him, it's clear his players are proud to go to battle with him, and won't quit on him even when facing the longest of odds. And they'll be facing the longest of odds again next week when No. 1 Ohio State comes to town. But if being a Rutgers fan has taught me anything, it's that, for better or worse, anything is possible.

Aaron Breitman: I was out at a bar with friends on Saturday. I am someone that typically likes to watch Rutgers games at home.  I'm too emotionally invested to be seen in public and the distractions around me at a bar make it hard to keep focus.  We watched the noon games and I had a good spot at the bar with a prime TV for the Rutgers game.  Then a funny thing happened, all these people in maize and blue started walking in the bar.  Turns out it was a Michigan bar, the Alumni association hung a banner and they played the fight song every 15 minutes BEFORE the game. I decided to give it a shot, as the bartender put the Rutgers-Indiana on a corner TV while the Michigan-Michigan State played literally on every other TV.

After Rutgers fell behind 10-7 with Indiana on the goalline at the end of the 1st quarter, I couldn't do it anymore.  I said my goodbyes and started walking home, seeing on my phone Indiana went up 17-7 and then my phone died.  I had a lonely 15 minute walk home, praying this team wouldn't quit, wouldn't fall apart to the point that this season would end up an utter disaster.  I got home, saw Indiana go up 24-13 and then saw Martin and Carroo lift us to a lead at the half.  Of course, we all went through the same rollercoaster of emotions AGAIN in the 2nd half, making this game an instant classic and season saving win!  Rutgers football made us all proud Saturday, something we haven't been able to say most of the season.  What a day, game and comeback!  Bring on the champs!