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Rutgers & Big Ten Attendance: homecoming doesn't always equal fans

It was Big 10-10 Saturday, and a full conference slate of games. Who showed up...and where?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers broke through the 50,000 mark against the Spartans.  And that's a good thing.  There were also four homecoming games on the Big Ten slate.  Let's take a look at the bodies in the stands.

Four teams hit season highs in attendance, including Rutgers.  The Big House continues to reflect the dynamic nature of its team and new coach.  And the league attendance average inched higher as well. Over a half million people watched Big Ten football on Saturday, bringing the season total to 3,654,667. Here are Saturday's totals listed in % capacity order.

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Ohio State 107,869 104,944 102.79 W Maryland Homecoming
Michigan 110,452 109,901 100.50 W No'western Homecoming
Nebraska 89,886 92,000 97.70 L Wisconsin
Rutgers 50,373 52,454 96.03 L MSU
Iowa 66,693 70,585 94.49 W Illinois Homecoming
Penn State 97,873 107,282 91.23 W Indiana Homecoming
Purdue 33,780 62,500 54.05 L Minnesota

Watching On the Banks

Rutgers reached a season high for attendance, putting it in the middle of the pack on filling the place.  In actual people, the Knights only beat out Purdue. On the year, Rutgers is doing pretty much the best it can.  It has filled HPSS to over 90% in two of the four games (not good), and its season average is actually pretty good considering the size of the building.

Homecoming results

As mentioned, four teams held Homecoming over the weekend, with the teams going 4-0. Three of the four reached season highs in attendance; the lone one that didn't was Penn State.

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Iowa 66,693 70585 94.49 W Illinois
Michigan 110,452 109901 100.50 W No'western
Ohio State 107,869 104,944 102.79 W Maryland
Penn State 97,873 107282 91.23 W Indiana

It was football weather in State College.  Sunny, mid-50's, and this was Penn State's homecoming.  Why aren't they filling the place?  I'm surprised....I'm snickering, but surprised just the same.

Schadenfreude.....New England edition

Boston College - the folks who said to our face that they weren't leaving the Big East for another conference - were home to conference foe Wake Forest.  So, how's that ACC move working out for the Eaglets?  You tell me.

Opponent Attendance Capacity % Capacity
Maine 29,262 44,500 65.76
Howard 26,132 44,500 58.72
Florida State
39,111 44,500 87.89
Northern Illinois 30,193 44,500 67.85
Wake Forest 30,094 44,500 67.63