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Interview: 2018 DB Recruit Jarrett Paul

2018 DB recruit Jarrett Paul spoke with On the Banks about his recruiting process and his impressions about Rutgers and the Michigan State game.

Jarrett Paul, before the Michigan State game.
Jarrett Paul, before the Michigan State game.
Jarrett Paul, used with permission

Jarrett Paul is a 2018 CB recruit from Christ the King High School in Middletown, New York. The Brooklyn native chatted with On the Banks about his recruiting process, his comfort level with Rutgers, and his impressions from the Michigan State game. Thanks to Jarrett for taking the time to speak with us.

How long have you been playing football?

I started when I was ten. I have always played defensive back. I played running back when I was younger, and now, I also play wide receiver. My high school coaches want versatile players who can play different positions.

When did you start hearing from colleges?

This summer, before my sophomore season, I really started to hear from colleges. I talk to Rutgers coaches, particularly Coach Barthel [recruiting coordinator], Coach Berry [Director of Player Personnel] and Coach Darrell Wilson [DB coach].

What other schools do you speak with?

I talk to coaches from Syracuse, Michigan State, North Carolina and NC State pretty regularly.

It's early in your recruitment process, but do you have any schools that stand out to you?

I am most comfortable at Rutgers for sure, but I haven't visited any other schools.

What do you like about Rutgers?

Rutgers is a great program. They really make it feel like a family, and always treat recruits right when we visit. It's just a tight program. My parents like it because it's close (about an hour driving) and they could watch me play. We also love the academic side of Rutgers. I know I'm going to be choosing a school, not just a football program.

Has Rutgers mentioned making an offer to you?

No offer yet, but I think Rutgers might be my first offer when it happens. I hope so.

What will you be looking for in a school when you decide?

I will take a good look at the DBs they already have on the roster and the other DBs they are recruiting. I like to compete, but early playing time is something I'll consider. Mainly, it's going to come down to comfort - I want to find the school and team that fits me best.

Has Rutgers spoken to you about what they like about your game?

Rutgers likes my size and cover abilities. They are recruiting me as a corner, and told me that even if I get bigger, they will still want me at corner, as opposed to safety. I'm about 6'0", 175 lbs. now. They told me they see me as similar to Blessaun Austin, especially in terms of size. He's from Brooklyn too, and I know him a little bit. I got to talk to him a few days before the Michigan State game. I want to model my game after him and keep getting better.

Did you have fun at the Michigan State game this weekend?

I had a great time. Rutgers really made me feel special, and the atmosphere was crazy. I went to the game with both of my parents. We got there about 6:30, checked in, and had a meal with the other recruits. Then we got to watch the game from the recruit section behind the bench, on about the 50 yard line. I had previously visited Rutgers in August, and toured the facilities then. This visit was all about the game day activities and I thought it was great. The fans were loud and very supportive, even when Rutgers had some down plays. It was very positive.

Do you have plans to get back to Rutgers soon?

I'll be there for the Ohio State game and the Maryland game. I'm excited to check those games out.

What's on tap for you in school and your own football season the rest of the fall?

Our season is going well.  I don't have any picks yet, but a lot of the teams in my league are running teams, so they don't throw much, and don't throw very well when they do. Other than that, I'm working hard to maintain good grades. I do pretty well in school. They actually considered moving me up to the Class of 2017, but my parents said no because they wanted me to take my time and enjoy four years of football. My team takes a lot of pride in weight training, so after the season, we will hit the weight room hard, and also do a lot of position-specific training - back pedaling, opening up, cover skill etc. on the field.

Do you know what you want to study in college?

Not yet, but I know I ultimately want to be a football coach when I get out of school.

Who helps you in your recruiting process?

My parents are very involved, and I ask my brother for advice too. He played basketball in high school and for two years in college. He tells me to keep working hard, always be positive, and not to doubt myself.

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Thanks again to Jarrett for sharing his thoughts.


Jarrett sent me his mid-season highlights and off-season one-on-one highlights.

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