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Rutgers Football: Army game moves back to West Point....YES!!!!

It's the House That Ruth Built....for baseball. Logistics and common sense prevail.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

A news report today indicates that Army is in the process of moving the Nov. 21 game versus Rutgers from the Bronx to West Point.  Army AD Boo Corrigan stated there were some possibilities of scheduling conflicts and it was easier to move the game.

For Rutgers fans, who have witnessed two bowls and a regular season game in the Bronx, it is a welcome move. The sightlines at the Stadium are not meant for football and it just isn't the same not being on campus....any campus.

West Point is a great place.  I've watched games there, I've played games there, and I've officiated games there.  The history, the pomp and pageantry, just can't be beat.  And for all intent and purposes, Rutgers has another "home" game.