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Rutgers Attendance: 2014-15 Men's Hoops a better draw than....2013-14 Men's Hoops

Okay, it isn't a news flash, but the men continue to do better at the gate than last year's team.

Football plays in the snow; basketball uses a little common sense
Football plays in the snow; basketball uses a little common sense

It's snowing in Piscataway....still....and continuing.  So much so that the men's game was postponed.  A day early.  Yeah, it's that bad and likely gonna get worse.  Welcome to Minnesota in spring.

Safety and common sense first, the RU-Michigan State game was moved to Thursday, January 29 at 6 pm.  Hopefully, by then we'll be pretty much dug out of this snow.  And hopefully, people will be aware that the game was moved, because having the Spartans and Tom Izzo in the building is a pretty big deal. Hopefully, the crowd will be a good one since the recent crowds have been quite good at the RAC.

Four of the five largest MBB crowds this season have been Big Ten games.  The other one was the season opener vs. GW.  And of the ten largest crowds at any events at the RAC, seven are men's games.  And all I can say is, nice going, wrestlers!

RAC 2014-15 Opponent Attendance Sport
1/20/15 Michigan * 7,365 MBB
1/3/15 Penn State * 7,158 MBB
1/11/15 No. 4 Wisconsin * 6,987 MBB
1/16/15 Penn State * 6,071 WRES
11/16/14 George Washington 5,824 MBB
12/30/14 Northwestern * 5,651 MBB
1/2/15 No. 1 Iowa * 5,420 WRES
12/20/14 Saint Francis (PA) 4,977 MBB
12/14/14 Tennessee 4,345 WBB
11/23/14 St. Francis-Brooklyn 4,117 MBB

Women's hoops is also drawing well.  There is only one WBB game in the top ten attendance events at the RAC this year, but the women's average is significantly higher than the 2013-14 season.

The women's next home game is this Sunday, February 1 at noon in a rematch against Penn State.  It's Super Bowl Sunday; so really, are you going to be watching all of the pregame shows on NBC? Seriously, the kickoff is at 6:30 pm.  Pregame stuff starts at noon.  Noon! Go to the women's game.  Because you can't go to the wrestling match against Ohio State at the Barn because it's sold out.  Yup, wrestling sold out the Barn.

Schadenfraude in the middle of Pennsyltucky

The Nitty Kitty men have drawn more fans to Bryce Jordan Center than Rutgers' men have drawn to the RAC.  But fear not, faithful readers, for we can still find a way to belittle ttfp. They have a beautiful arena, recently renovated.  And no one (relativly speaking) watches their games.  By comparison, our brethren in Chicago do a pretty good job filling their Welsh-Ryan Arena.  And on a percentage basis, yes, we're better than ttfp.

Game.  Blouses.