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Commit Alert! Marques Ford!!

4* DE Marques Ford wasn't a free agent for long! Kyle Flood pulled in one of the biggest recruits of his career in the Florida pass rusher. AND he brought back the legendary Schiano Copter. HCKF trolling the haters in every way today.

King of the world tonight.
King of the world tonight.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

"I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world."

-- Walt Whitman. And probably Kyle Flood right now.


Kyle Flood scored one of the biggest recruits of his career in Florida DE Marques Ford, whose scholarship to Tennessee vanished yesterday into the Appalachian mist when the SEC did what the SEC does.  We wrote about the possibility of a Ford-to-Rutgers move earlier today.  Ford is a 6'2" 220 pound DE with fantastic technique.  He also has a 4.3 GPA. How this young man ever thought the ESS EEE SEE was the place for him is beyond me. This is a Rutgers man folks.

Today, despite immediate interest from heavy hitter programs all over the nation, Ford pulled the trigger for Kyle Flood and the Scarlet Knights a day after announcing his split with the Vols.  It looks like Coach Panagos sealed the deal.

Congratulations to Coach Flood, Coach Panagos and Coach Galliano for closing a monster late-game commitment.

At least today, Coach Flood's haters are nowhere to be found.

Welcome to the Banks Marques!!

Oh -- and one more thing.  Great as the Ford commitment is, it's not the ONLY recruiting mojo move Kyle Flood pulled today. Today saw the return of #CHOPPANation, as Coach Flood fired up the legendary helicopter Schiano made famous.