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Rutgers / Big Ten Attendance: Watch out, hoops! 'Rasslin's coming up behind you!

Records are falling for wrestling. And in hoops, the men and women are both ahead of their 2013 averages.

We'll start with a different perspective today: Gymnastics.  Rutgers Athletics announced last week that the Feb. 14 quad meet against Maryland, Ursinus and Cornell has been officially declared a sellout.  The Livingston Rec Center only seats around 1,000, but it means that the interest in the sport at Rutgers is strong.  There were several sellouts last year as well.  Students can still attend the Feb. 14 meet - and other home gymnastics meets - with a valid Rutgers student identification while available.  The team's final home meet on March 7 against West Chester and Bowling Green will be held at the RAC.

The men haven't played at home since the upset of then-No. 4 Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan still hasn't stopped talking about that game.)  And this story will overlap with the next home game tonight against Michigan, a game where a number of football recruits will be in attendance.  I think they do count in the totals.  The Wiscy game was the second highest total for the men this season.  More on that later.  And the students are back on campus....will they attend or will they be busy studying after their second day of classes?  Really?

The last five women's games have been against two quality non-cons and three B1G squads.  The team is 1-4 over that span. Despite the losses, the home attendance average is still considerably ahead of last year's totals.  In 2013, the women averaged 1,649 at home.  To date, the team has averaged 2,172 overall and 2,404 in Big Ten play.

Wrestling has been the exciting surprise.  At the RAC, Rutgers Wrestling has drawn exceptional numbers.  The team is averaging 4,709 at the Athletic Center.  Despite the rather small attendance at the Barn for Hofstra (845), wrestling is still averaging 3,743 for the season.  The remaining three matches will be at the Barn, with the Ohio State match on Super Bowl Sunday already a sellout.

Top Draws

Dave will be very happy to hear that the men's team is still the top attraction at the RAC.  Of the top ten attendance figures this year at the RAC, the men have seven of the top ten figures, including one and two.  But wrestling comes in at No. 3 and No. 6 on attendance.

2014-15 Top Ten RAC Attendance Totals

Date Opponent Attendance Sport
1/3/15 Penn State * 7,158 MBB
1/11/15 Wisconsin * 6,987 MBB
1/16/15 Penn State * 6,071 WRES
11/16/14 George Washington 5,824 MBB
12/30/14 Northwestern * 5,651 MBB
1/2/15 Iowa * 5,420 WRES
12/20/14 Saint Francis (PA) 4,977 MBB
12/14/14 Tennessee 4,345 WBB
11/23/14 St. Francis-Brooklyn 4,117 MBB
11/19/14 Fairleigh Dickinson 4,102 MBB