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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for Maryland

Rutgers travels to College Park to take on the #14 Maryland Terrapins

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


There's another game this season?  It didn't end on that note?

Okay, find... let's build on this.

1. Did the light go on? This is the big question.  Was the Wisconsin game a flash in the pan?  One last special moment from Kadeem Jack, Myles Mack and Malick Kone?  Or will this Rutgers team finally find a spark and build on this?  If Rutgers comes out and plays hard for 40 minutes and doesn't get its doors blown off we'll know.

2. Has Rutgers found another defensive piece in Malick Kone? The game changed when Kone entered the game.  Not only did he score 7 BIG points, but he also gave Nigel Hayes a different look, essentially taking him out of the game.  If Kone finds this consistently, he will find plenty of time on the court and improve Rutgers' already good defense.

3. Is scoring going to be more consistent? The biggest knock on Rutgers this year has been their ability to score.  Well, they found points Sunday night as both Mack and Jack went off.  Can they do it consistently?  The best thing that will happen to this team is if they get early points by going to the paint, instead of on the 3 ball.  The 3 giveth and the 3 taketh away.

4. How good is Maryland? Real good.  Move along.

5. What will make for a good season from here on out? Rutgers needs to compete.  They don't need to win tomorrow, but they need to be in games from here on out.  Always fight.  No more quitting.  Wisconsin showed the team they can do it, can they continue it tomorrow?