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Rutgers Basketball: The Day After Wisconsin

More thoughts on the upset of the century-year-week-day...

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

  • This is what makes college basketball fun.  The 3 point shot is the great equalizer and on any given night, something like this--seemingly from out of nowhere--can happen.  In college football, the draw is the match-up when top teams meet up, and the odds of upsets aren't as great.  In baseball, it's the build of the game, series and so on.  In hockey, it's how any shot can break you.  But in college hoops, it's the upset and how that momentum can-at times-springboard you into something even better.
  • The response from the press has been great.  From a glowing video to Steve Politi's take on healing and the view from the other side. Last night, Eddie Jordan was on WFAN and the video his emotions getting the better of him in the postgame press conference has officially gone viral.  National media's Twitter feeds lit up--and even the NY rags caught the story.  And what would any game be without Jerry Carino's 5 thoughts and 5 Quotes or Andrew Garda's Rapid Reaction? But, in terms of the media, the key is Keith Sargeant, who stopped covering the team regularly in 2006--Gary Waters final year and the last time Rutgers had a winning season.  He has sporadically shown up at the RAC--and has been there for some miracles, like last night and Jonathan Mitchell's AND A FOUL game.  Can we lock this guy in the RAC?
  • Last night was what seniors should do, and hopefully for Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack, the light went on.  Bring this level of effort and consistency every night, and good things will happen.  They may not win every game--and they don't have to--but Rutgers can be fun for the rest of this year and send these guys out as players who Rutgers should build statues for.  They, and Malick Kone, are true Loyal Sons of Rutgers and after last night, we'll never forget them.
  • I've had season tickets for 13 years, and last night was a top 2 game for me.  Unfortunately, I did miss one classic--I was working during the Villanova game, and during the great run of 2004, I had a lot of grad classes.  The 5 games that stand out for me--in order are: 1a. Florida upset 1b. Wisconsin upset 3. Herve Lamizana beats 'Melo and Syracuse 4. Herve beats Providence and 5. Rutgers loses to #1 UConn, barely.
  • What bit Bo Ryan in the butt?  Usually, when a team is in the top ten and they get upset, the opposing coach tips his cap to the opponent.  Not Ryan, who was apparently not going to give Rutgers an inch.  Come on, Bo, even Jay Wright called Jonathan Mitchell "big time" from the sidelines.  You can toss compliment this way, right?  That is, unless you're scared...
  • So, what happens going forward?  Is this a flash-in-the pan, or will Rutgers grow from this.  We've seen upsets like this before--hell, even Fred Hill beat Villanova and then Pittsburgh in back to back games.  But this has got to be an eye opener for recruits, but the Scarlet Knights have to keep the pedal to the medal.  Finally, Jordan has his signature win to sell kids on, but the rest of the season can't be a bust. They have to be in every game and play hard for forty minutes.  I'm hoping they can.  They travel to Maryland--a tough, tough team--on Wednesday night.
  • Jordan spoke to the press again today.