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Rutgers Basketball: Biggest Win Ever

Rutgers drops #4 Wisconsin behind 3 seniors and an amazing 2nd half. Rutgers WINS 67-62.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This is the story of the three seniors that stayed.  Each one played a role, and each one helped Rutgers pull the biggest upset in its storied history.

Myles Mack, Kadeem Jack, and Malick Kone all played huge roles in a second half that will be one for the ages.  They were there when ESPN got those tapes, and their coach went off the rails.  They had opportunities, but they stayed.  They suffered through a 61 point loss, fans booing, and tough losses.

If anyone deserves a win like this, it's those three.

After a listless first half, with most Rutgers fans yawning or saying "more of the same", the Scarlet Knights trailed by 12.  Rutgers played well on the defensive end, but the Badgers were the smarter team.  They made Rutgers work, they made the extra pass and they made shots when it counted.  Meanwhile, Rutgers couldn't get a shot to fall.

The second half, however, was a different story.  Rutgers played their traditional tough defense, but suddenly Mack was feeling it.  He hit four threes and the Scarlet Knights awoke.  Kadeem Jack played his game, and attacked the rim.  There were thunderous dunks from Kadeem.

Greg Lewise, however, had 3 fouls early, and struggled playing defense on Nigel Hayes--who started in place of Frank Kaminsky, the concusses Wisconsin star.  And that's when Jordan inserted little used Kone to slow Hayes.  And slow him he did.

But that wasn't all.

Kone scored 7 points, including a 3 pointer to pull Rutgers to within 45-43 an awaken the RAC.  The crowd roared, bringing back memories of old and visibly shaking the Badgers.  A senior laden team was shook and Rutgers took advantage.  Jack attacked.  Mack laid the ball in.  Batman and Robin scored 20 and 21 respectively.

And in the final minute of the game, with Rutgers up 2, Jack was fouled and made 2 free throws.  And Mack one more.  And then it was over.

The biggest upset in Rutgers history.  Before this game, they'd never beaten a team ranked higher than 6.  And Mack, Jack and Kone go out, laying the foundation for more to come.  Because the stands were not empty tonight.  Highly recruited players like Jagan Mosely and TJ Gibbs were in the crowd.  Hopefully, they saw what can happen here.

And hopefully the will see how much Eddie Jordan loves Rutgers.

Because, Rutgers fans, you just need to press play on this amazing and honest clip.

Enjoy this one, Rutgers fans. I know I did. Wear your Scarlet proud tomorrow. I know I will. And, if you get a chance, say thank you to Malick, Myles, Kadeem, and Eddie.

Tonight was a night for the ages.

Full Eddie Presser: