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OTB B1G Power Poll - Week 2

Carnage everywhere, but not in Piscataway. Here's how Rutgers fits in.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Here's guessing Jim Delany is not in any hurry to repeat week 2 of the 2014 season anytime soon. Three of the B1G's most prominent programs were slaughtered in primetime spotlight games, Nebraska barely held on against McNeese State, Maryland fumbled seven times in a sloppy victory, Iowa almost lost to Ball State and some of the loser-iest programs in the B1G, well, lost.

1. Michigan State (last week: 1) -- The Spartans lost 46-27, but the Oregon Ducks look like on of the best teams in the country. No team wants a nineteen point loss on their resume, and Sparty ran into a buzzsaw in Autzen Stadium, but the green and white still look like the best team in the B1G.  Next opponent: Bye.

2. Wisconsin (last week: 5) -- The Badgers pasted Western Illinois 37-3 in Madison, and looked much better in the passing game in doing so.  The defense also looked strong. After their collapse against LSU, few would have predicted the Badgers would rise so high so fast, but that tends to happen when everybody in front of you blows up on national TV. Next opponent: Bye.

3. Ohio State (last week: 2) -- The Hokies were unranked and playing in the Shoe in Columbus, but Rutgers fans are well familiar with how effective Beamer Ball can be as a talent equalizer.  Virginia Tech rode a tough defense and a victory in the turnover battle here, as the Buckeyes gave up 7 sacks and 3 INTs. Ohio State looked very green, and has pretty glaring weaknesses at QB and offensive line. They can be beaten, but at this point, it's not clear who in the B1G has the horses to do it.  Consider this 3-spot probationary, and more reflective of how weak the B1G looked overall. Next opponent: Kent State at home.

4. Minnesota (last week: 9) -- We are entering the "2-0 means something" part of the poll.  Minnesota looked solid against a week opponent in Middle Tennessee State, and rode David Cobb's 220 yd. rushing performance to victory. The Gophers were up 28-0 at the half and never looked back. Next opponent: @ TCU.

5. Rutgers (last week: 6) -- The Knights let up an early score to Howard, but posted 31 unanswered points to lead 31-7 at the half, before calling the dogs off.  The final score and statistics on defense weren't stellar, but a lot of them came in garbage time. Hard to take much from this game, aside from a victory and no injuries. Next opponent: ttfp at home, but you knew that.

6. ttfp (last week: 7) -- QB Christian Hackenberg passed for 319 yards and 3 TDs, and the PSU offense generated 425 yards overall.  Despite all of that offense, the Nitty Kitties only put up 21 points against Akron as a result of three turnovers. @ the Birthplace of College Football.

7. Iowa (last week: 10) -- Another advance by attrition.  Iowa has not looked sharp for two straight games, but they are 2-0 after beating Ball State 17-13. The Offense committed two turnovers that turned into 10 points for the Fightin' Lembos, and the Hawkeyes only rushed for 114 yards. Next opponent: Iowa State at Home.

8. Nebraska (last week: 3) -- RB Ameer Abdullah is a beast, but Nebraska looked awful in all other parts of their game.  They were lucky to hang on against McNeese State to remain 2-0. If the Huskers lost this weekend, the mushroom cloud of chaos over the Heartland would have been even more epic. Next opponent: @ Fresno State.

9. Maryland (last week: 8) -- South Florida is not a good team.  Yet Maryland fumbled 7 times (4 lost) and 2 INTs, good for 6 giveaways to the Bulls, who hung around and only lost by one score, 24-17. Maryland's vaunted offense looked anemic here. Next Opponent: West Virginia at home.

10. Illinois (last week: 12) -- Illinois is 2-0 after hanging on against Western Kentucky 42-34.  Illinois looked ok in the pass and run game overall, but failed to punch it in four straight times inside the Hilltoppers' 10 yard line, and gave up some costly turnovers. Next opponent: @ Washington.

11. Indiana (last week: 11) -- Indiana did not play this week, and therefore did not lose.

12. Michigan (last week: 4) -- Michigan did not score any points. NOT ONE FRIGGIN POINT. Here's a math equation for you: 100 yards rushing on 35 carries + 189 yards passing +3 INTs = the first time Michigan has been shutout since 1984. Ugh. Next opponent: Miami (OH) at home.

t.13. The PurdueNorthwestern WildBoilerCatMakers(last week: 13 & 14) -- These teams both look like dumpster fires. Trying to figure out which of them sucks worse is a poor use of my time and your reading energy. Next opponents: NW bye, Purdue @ Notre Dame.