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Rutgers football: Kiy Hester close to coming home

The former recruit is finalizing plans to return to Jersey.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Former four-star safety Kiy Hester was granted his release from Miami earlier Monday, clearing his way for a return to New Jersey. The DePaul Catholic star was one of the first recruits for Kyle Flood's 2014 class before everything fell apart. Now, Hester has a chance to become a marquee player for his hometown program, paving the way for other Jersey recruits. In an interview with Todderick Hunt, Hester named Kareem Walker and Quayshon Alexander as possible Scarlet Knight commits if he can sign with Rutgers. More developments need to be made, but it appears RU is getting a great player in the secondary for 2015.

Welcome back, Kiy!

AE Recruiting Update:

Kevin paraphrases Kiy's quotes to Todderick above, but I think the quotes are too awesome not to include:

"I feel like once I come, Kareem (Walker) is gonna come, my brother (Quayshon Alexander) will come. I feel like they all would come, a lot of guys in the 2016 class," he said. "I'll let them know it aint always sweet when you leave home. You've got to do your research. The minute you go to the school, it's not the same. When you leave and you're not playing, that's when you realize it's hard. You're like 'damn, I left home for this and I'm not even playing. And I'm far away from home and can't get to my family.' It can get to you."

We profiled DePaul's Kareem Walker, Quayshon Alexander, and Hasise DuBois last week, ICYMI. Hester is like a big brother to a lot of those kids (and is an actual big brother to Alexander).  Never want to see a kid have to transfer to be near a sick relative, so all the best to his mom and his family. Damn good to have you back young man.

State of the U Recruiting Update:

For a Miami Hurricane fan's perspective on Kiy Hester, click here for a profile from SB Nation blog State of the U.