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Roundtable prediction week 2: Rutgers v. Howard

What will we be looking for against a vastly overmatched opponent?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Barring any sort of miraculous upset, the outcome of this game is pretty much fait accompli. So, instead of going with the usual score prediction, OtB decided to go with what we want to see from different aspects of the team. Whether it's backup QB Chris Laviano, second-string linemen, or improvement in the secondary, here's what the editors would like to see from the Scarlet Knights this week:

Kevin Recio: One of the things I want to see is the secondary shutdown the passing attack. Against Howard, that should be a very doable task. A lot of the quotes coming from fans, writers, and even some players were basically "it's Washington State, they're going to pass the ball on you and rack up ridiculous stats." If that's the case, I want to see a couple of interceptions or key pass breakups at least. It'll be good for a confidence boost heading into arguably the most important game of the season, as well as help Rutgers continue that shutout streak, which is another thing I'll be hoping for on Saturday.

Bob Cancro:  We had our feel good week; now back to work. Chop, chop, chop. No screwing around - get the job done effectively and efficiently.  Secondary has to get better.  It isn't Wazzu, but it isn't a Pop Warner team, either.  Stop the pass. I think most of us see a lop-sided score, so reserves will get in. Laviano should show why he was named QB2.  And build the depth.  We aren't going to give up redshirt years, but rotating in 2's and 3's will help down the line when the grind of a Big Ten season hits.  And most importantly, after no injuries, I want to see people in the stands. Let's get the crowd in early and stay late - the beer is in the cooler, it isn't getting warm.

Ray Ransom: Get out alive. Seriously, I want a win and I want no major injuries. A great showing by the secondary would be nice, I'd like to see that we can run the ball without Paul James going all superman all over the place, but really I just want to see the starters done for the day as soon as possible. We have a brutal schedule coming up that's going to test depth we're still building. Get the 2s and 3s out there before the game is out of reach to put them in a pressure situation. Rest the 1s and give our guys who are a snap away some meaningful plays. Also, another Leonard Leap would be awesome. Hey Burton, can you hook us up!?

Andy Egan: Health is huge - no injuries, especially to front-line guys who are in the game long after victory is assured. Schiano used to be lousy at that, leaving starters in and risking injuries way past the point he should have - let's hope Coach Flood is a little savvier. I want to see what Des Peoples can do this weekend. PJ is PJ, and we are well aware of how good he is.  But after two years of hearing about quantum leap spring ball improvements, I want to see Peoples play a lot of snaps. Same goes for Agudosi - let it rip to some of the rising stars on offense.  I also want Laviano to get some experience - that's crucial in a game like this, and only having one QB with actual game experience on the roster is a recipe for disaster. Finally, I want to see a tightened up secondary, better tackles (WSU had a lot of YAC from crappy tackling) and a game where the Knights play disciplined, penalty-free football (8 for 78 yds last week is meh - not awful, not good either).

Dave White: No injuries and no snoozing.  Come out, beat em and get out healthy.  Make this one over after the first ten minutes.