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Rutgers promoting sportsmanship

The midwest: Friendly, considerate, gracious. (just don't beat their team) The northeast: brash, rude, inconsiderate. So much for stereotypes. Rutgers Student Life is working to get our fans - in this case "college age" fans - to act appropriately as we enter the Big Ten spotlight. Maybe a good idea for all fans.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Rutgers Student Life put out a tweet on being a good member of the B1G family:

Basic point? Sportsmanship is important.  Important for Rutgers.  Important for the Big Ten.  Important for, well, for human beings who don't want to be looked at as cretins.  It was a pretty clever video that was even retweeted by the Rutgers Police:

Good sportsmanship = less problems for RUPD. Hard to argue that.

It is worth a minute or two of your time, and it shows that Rutgers is working to be good partners with our new neighbors.