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Rutgers Home Opener -- Are you ready for some football? Live?

Wait's over, boys and girls. We traveled west, got a win, all's right with the world. Time to do it again.

Burton is ready.  He was born ready.  Are you ready?
Burton is ready. He was born ready. Are you ready?
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Grill?  Check.

Cooler? Check.

Beer?  Check.

More beer?  Check.

Food?  Check.

Did I check for beer?

Okay, we're ready.  What about the stadium?  Have they been preparing for us?  A few photos to show that the facilities people have been on the job and are ready for the crowds.

Yes, we are in the Big Ten.  And New Jersey is B1G Country!


Yes, it's spelled with an R.  A bright red R.


Block R party is ready for Athletes Glen.


Hmmm, looks like the Blue Lot is getting some alterations. And, no, I do not know what it is for or how it will impact movement.  Although my one experience in the Blue Lot was very scary.


New blacktop, new signs, new year!


September 6.  It is almost time!  Get it?  Time...a clock.


Will you be there?  Are you excited?  Are you ready?