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Rutgers football recruiting: Ted Field kicked off high school team

The ambassador for the class of 2016 was punished for going to the Rutgers-Tulane game Saturday.

It remains to be seen what action, if any, Kyle Flood will take.
It remains to be seen what action, if any, Kyle Flood will take.
Alex Goodlett

Per Todderick Hunt, #CHOPNation's favorite commit, Ted Field, was kicked off his high school team yesterday for missing film study to attend the Rutgers-Tulane game on Saturday. Field allegedly was allowed to miss film study to attend a college game before, but did not have the same permissions for this past weekend:

According to a source, the junior advised Ricci last Monday that he'd miss film study for the Rutgers game. However, he received a text message from Ricci Saturday morning, an hour and 20 minutes before film study had even began -- after playing in a game the night before -- calling for him to drop off his equipment Monday morning. -Todderick Hunt,

Hunt goes on to describe that Field and the Garnet Valley coaching staff have had a "hot-and-cold" relationship, possibly stemming from Field's decision to transfer to Cardinal O'Hara then back to take advantage of his former high school's academic scheduling in order to enroll at Rutgers early.

More on #OverallNation as news develops.

UPDATE - Sam Hellman reporting on Twitter that Field has not been dismissed from team:

Also, Philly Enquirer details ongoing situation here.