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Rutgers Football Recruiting: RB Prospect Rob Ennis charged with Aggravated Assault

The South Jersey Times is reporting Millville, NJ RB and Purdue Commit Rob Ennis was charged with aggravated assault for punching a 17 year old girl in the face at a beauty pageant.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, the best recruiting decisions are the ones you don't make. In the case of Millville, NJ RB Rob Ennis, Rutgers may have avoided a tough situation.

Ennis is a 3* RB prospect in the Class of 2015, and committed to Purdue in June. Ennis did not make any secret of his original desire to play for Rutgers, but before he accepted his RU offer, Pennsylvania RB Charles Snorweah committed first.  Ennis was then reportedly told that he did not have a committable offer from RU, and apparently he did not want to wait to see how the class shaped up, so he committed to Purdue.

On Monday evening, the South Jersey Times reported that Ennis was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly punching a girl in the face at a beauty pageant on Saturday following an altercation. When Ennis committed to Purdue, the message board savants and Twitter tough guys chalked it up as another Kyle Flood recruiting failure. Flood's more cautious approach this year may not be a bad thing.

By all accounts Rob Ennis is a good kid, without any prior character red flags. Now, he may lose his scholarship offer.  Obviously, we hope the young lady is ok and we hope Ennis can straighten himself out, but Rutgers may have dodged a bullet here. It would not be hard for haters in the media to draw a line from Ray Rice to Phil Nelson to Rob Ennis, even though none of that is Rutgers' fault, and we simply don't need to be having that conversation.